Nissan 350z Tuning Advice To Boost Performance With Modern Car Tuning Methods.

The Nissan 350z is a stunning sports car from Nissan and they have successfully resurrected the | car brand with an exciting model. It has a very dedicated following of tuners and fans with lots of modifications around for it. As the 350z developed it became more and more highly tuned and the lastest engine is a sheer pleasure to drive and is quite tunable reaching 500bhp with the right parts.
So if you are looking to improve your 350z with more power than ever before? Many people are looking into the ever popular hobby of car tuning and making large power gains on relatively normal cars with a minimum of hassle and fuss. Thankfully there are lots of aftermarket 350z performance parts available.
Priorities include hiking the power on the early engines with either an engine swap on the later block Nissan used or using fast road performance parts and beefing up the forced induction to raise the peak power. Handling is actually very good out of the factory on the standard models and most owners content themselves with some simple mods like a modest drop and some slightly larger rims.
For the best tuning results & biggest return on your investment you should go for forced induction cars because they, already are built to handle a larger power figure and with a a remap it is possible to greatly increase the power from 30% to 40% with petrols giving slightly more than diesels. Larger capacity engines generally prove to give a greater return on your tuning outlay with a typical NASP gain of 20% for modest engine work depending on the modifications selected. Typical tuning modifications would include a fast road camshaft, induction kit, sports exhaust, sports catalyst, custom headers and fuelling upgrades as recommended on sites like TorqueCars and Car Tuning Tips.
Beware though because tuning mistakes on the 350z can be costly. There are parts divided into stages of tune with stage 1 meaning a single bolt on part, stage 2 meaning you need 2 or more parts to fully release the power and for competitions the full stage 3 which is not suitable for road use at alldue to the reliability issues and the requirement to use the higher rev range.Remapping the ecu after these mods offers more power and quicker acceleration. Many people have made mistakes tuning their 350z tuning and we strongly urge you to consult a specialist for impartial advice.
We see many people spending lots of money on rather modest powered Nissan 350z, hoping for a dramatic increase in power and ending up with an uncomfortable and noisy car instead. It is also true that the bigger your base power the larger the gains on offer will be with most power gains being quoted as a percentage of base power. Don’t be fooled you end up paying a lot more if you use cheap parts.
It is fair to say that many people are attached to their cars and this might explain why they spend so much on tuning them up and trying to get more power from them. For impartial advice you really need to go to specialist tuning forum and chat with their members. We strongly suggest that you join a site called TorqueCars ( they have one of the friendliest forums and communities we have ever encountered. Typical make and model specific forums do not always have the tuning experience and instead you need to consult with an enthusiast car site focused on car tuning where the members are used to performance modifications and the problems associated with them.
Which mods you go for there is no substitute for the voice of experience. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others a fool makes his own. It is also handy if you know which parts work well as there are many snake oils.
Modding cars can become a crazed obsession on your Nissan 350z, and it certainly will pay to get good impartial advice before beginning your project.
Don’t ignore the legalities involved in Nissan 350z tuning with some states restricting all mods but even this applies to you you can see benefits stripping down and reconditioning the engine and tweaking the insides to a tighter tolerance and spec than the OEM.
Which ever modifications you go for it is worth getting some extra advice and opinions for your Nissan 350z tuning project. The wise man, after all, learns from the mistakes of others whereas a fool makes their own mistakes. Beware of marketing hype and manufacturer claims as sadly many performance parts are of a very poor quality cheap is not always best and certain not cheerful. Modding cars can get to be a an obsession and it is easy to overspend or go over budget when you get going we recommend you seek good advice before starting to mod your Nissan 350z. A modified 350z can also be hard to insure with many insurers declining cover. If you change the engine size or cars colour you may even have to get the car re-registered. This often requires some paperwork or sometimes and engineers report.
To go the Do it yourself or enlist the services of a specialist mechanic can be a hard decision to make but with practice and a good guide book and a dose of common sense you will generally be able to tackle whatever comes along and the advantage of doing it yourself is that the costs will be so much lower plus you get the satisfaction from doing it without help! Really get into car tuning on your 350z because it is rewarding and pleasurable and turns your car into something special.