Oracle Hyperion for better Corporate Performance Management, financial planning and business intell

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) have become key factors in deciding whether an organization is able to achieve its business objectives and targeted revenue. As the name suggests, Corporate Performance Management, an important aspect of business intelligence (BI), deals with performance of an organization based on certain factors such as return on investment (ROI), operational and maintenance costs, expenses, profits, and overhead. These factors are also referred as key performance indicators (KPI).

For tracking and to enhance Corporate Performance Management, many organizations make use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. When ERP solutions are used in conjunction with Oracle Hyperion, a vast amount of valuable and key information of an organization’s performance and financial growth can be dug out. To elaborate, with the information gathered by Oracle Hyperion, it is possible to find out the loopholes in the different phases of a project, lack of technologies that are affecting a project, and factors that may help to figure out better and new financial growth.

What is Oracle Hyperion?

Oracle Hyperion is an appropriate solution for managing different aspects of finance, forecasting, preparing financial report and budget, managing database, analytics, planning and revenue management. Hyperion includes different solutions for various purposes:

1.Hyperion Enterprise 2.Hyperion Business Modelling 3.Hyperion Master Data Management 4.Hyperion EPM Workspace 5.Hyperion Intelligence and SQR Production Reporting 6.Hyperion Strategic Finance 7.Essbase 8.Hyperion Performance Scorecard 9.Hyperion Financial Management 10.Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (Also known as FDM) 11.Hyperion SmartView 12.Hyperion System 9 BI+ 13.Hyperion Web Analysis 14.Hyperion Financial Reporting 15.Hyperion Planning

Explaining each product of Oracle Hyperion is beyond the scope of this article. However each product may be explained in detail in succeeding articles.

Oracle Hyperion training

With Oracle Hyperion offering a vast array of solutions for corporate project management, financial and business intelligence purposes, it has gained popularity tremendously among organizations. With its usefulness, organizations are adopting it at a fast pace. Not surprisingly, many professionals are enrolling for Oracle Hyperion training and certification programs as they have realized that how Oracle Hyperion can change the dynamics of revenue generation, business management and the way it can help to better their career path. There are many institutes and organizations that offer Oracle Hyperion training for professionals and corporate training in Oracle Hyperion. Corporate training in Oracle Hyperion is for organizations who want to conduct training to their employees in their own organization. Among all training programs on Hyperion products, Hyperion Essbase training or Oracle Hyperion Essbase certification is the most popular training program. The reason being Oracle Hyperion Essbase certification training focuses on largely on building multi-dimensional database management platform which plays a big role in deciding how information is disseminated and exchanged across the organization and how it can be stored and accessed.

Thus with loads of advantages that Orcale Hyperion provides in managing information and to make business intelligence decisions, getting training on any Oracle Hyperion products as per the business requirements can help professionals to achieve quick growth in an organization.