Pantene Hair Care Products – A Couple Of Facts About Their Success Story

Pantene is a product of Hoffman-LaRoche which came into existence in 1947 mainly for the European market. In 1983 Richardson-Vikcs bought this line and developed it into a huge 100 products line of Pantene hair care products. Just two years down the lane Procter and Gamble bought out the Richardson-Vicks, in 1985.

The achievement of Procter and Gamble Pantene hair care products is that it aims to bring out tailor-made shampoos which is and will always be answering to the present day hair problems. Just five years ago in 2003 P&G launched Pantene hair care products especially created for colored women and the resulting success inspired them to bring out a similar product once again in 2005, this time for Hispanic women.

What Are The Most Popular Pantene Hair Care Products?

The Pantene hair care products have always been synonymous with quality and value for money. Some of the favorite Pantene hair care products are briefly described here:

1. Pantene smooth & sleek – this is a hair gel which helps the hair stay in whatever shape you want it to stay in spite of the wind or any other heavy physical activity. Since it is enriched with vitamins it also protects the hair, giving it a silky and healthy look.

2. Pantene full and thick – this is a special formula for those who love to see their hair bouncy and beautiful but unfortunately it is the opposite. This product not only completely stops hair fall, but also makes your hair look gorgeous.

3. Pantene Hydrating curls – this is a product which protects curls and makes them more bouncy which would make look and feel wonderful.

4. Pantene Pro-V Expression – this is one of the star Pantene hair care products which aims at mid-career women within their forties and fifties who want to look good and who color their hair as a matter of routine. This product protects the hair, locks in the moisture and color and adds volume to it. Overall the impact is astonishing.

5. Pantene Daily moisture renewal – this is yet another product that is focused on women who commute a lot and therefore have their hair exposed to pollutants during the whole trip. This would also help in keeping the hair healthy and smooth.

Other excellent Pantene hair care products would include Classic Care, Color Revival, Sheer Volume, Relaxed and Natural, Extra Liso, and so on. When you use these products you are not only assured of beauty of the hair, but also complete protection.