part of the observation of central air-conditioning business strategy – central air condition

After the economic crisis” era, in any industry are faintly overshadowed some restless factor, the real estate market is weak, the new large projects to reduce foreign investment and many other negative factors to reduce the test of the central Air conditioning Industry. After the first cold-hot market conditions, so the central air-conditioning business sentiment along with volatility.
Four foreign brands and the traditional Japanese “big get” Daikin led by foreign brands, with a reputation in the technical aspects and long-term precipitation, still maintained a high market share. However, due to the economic crisis, in 2009, Johnson Controls York brand (hereinafter referred to as York brand), Carrier, Trane and McQuay traditional four foreign brands, in addition to York brand, the other three brands in the market share The different levels are down. However, these large-scale central air conditioning brand in areas such as centrifuges, screw machine retains significant advantages. In 2009, Daikin multi-line market with a strong position to more than 5 billion yuan of annual Sell Amount to giant in the nation’s first central air-conditioning market.
Contrast, domestic brand in 2009 was strong, continue to send forces. Central air conditioning brand in the market share rankings, ranked second in the United States continued, Gree is two grades, ranks fourth. Although the time to enter the industry later than the foreign brands, but with the continuous improvement of product technology and years of accumulated advantages of localized channels, markets and designer of the domestic brand recognition is increased gradually. In addition to beauty, Gree, Haier three domestic brands, the current Pescod Galanz Department of enterprises and other traditional home appliances are gathering forces to seize the market. This paper products for small companies in 2009 are more central air conditioning in the home to conduct a brief analysis of business strategy.
Daikin: inverter multi is still the dominant
Aiken air conditioning network data, in 2009, Daikin to 5.98 billion yuan of annual sales maintained the first position of the central air conditioner market, no one can shake a strong position. Mainly in the frequency Daikin has more than 47.4% of high-line market share, while the frequency multi-line market share is the highest central air conditioning products.
In addition to buildings, shops and other business areas continue to lead, according to Daikin Central Air Conditioning person in charge, in 2009, Daikin central air conditioning home sales to new high, with an average increase of more than 25%. Central air conditioning in the home market, Daikin has a rich product portfolio, customer-specific products, including restaurant LP series, PMX series, LMX series, super multi-joint 3MX/4MX systems, home VRV system, VRVIII system. In addition, Daikin has also introduced the outlet, centralized remote control, heat exchangers and other system-wide election Fitting Enhance the system’s comfort and convenience.
Currently, the highest degree of market concern about Daikin Central Air Conditioning for the LMX series. The products unique multi-Daikin joint technology to ensure the individual switches for each room and precise temperature control. At the same time, it uses the self-developed DC inverter Daikin scroll compressor, neodymium magnet reluctance motor, the level of energy efficiency (COP, IPLV) over a level of energy efficiency. The series also uses the new R410A refrigerant, Energy Environmental protection.
It is understood that, in 2010, Daikin will continue to operate in environmental protection as a top priority issue, both in the VRV multi-line market, large central air-conditioning market, or the home central air conditioner, split type domestic market, large Full payment will further enhance the brand influence, and expand market share. Daikin said the person in charge, in April 2010, Daikin VRV will launch a new multi-purpose system, that is, residential central air conditioning, heating, hot water one machine, the product incorporates many advanced technologies, in addition to home the advantages of central air conditioning, more integrated into the energy efficient and comfortable in warm and hot water function.
Since 2005, Daikin began construction can provide users from the sales, design, installation to after sales of full- Service The Proshop specialty store channel, now distributed throughout the country Proshop specialty store has more than 450. In addition, since 2004, Daikin in the country set up a comprehensive proposal Gallery D-SolutionPlaza, and consumers to start using the platform to fully exchange.

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