Penis Size Fixation — A Medical Condition Or An Industry It Is A Major Cause Of Ed.

Are you one of the hundreds of millions of men out there who worries about the size of his penis on a daily bases? If you are, then at least you have lots of historical and anthropological good company. Do not be fooled. Penile size fixation is as old as time itself and a male obsession that seems evenly spread across all cultures and civilizations down through the ages. Moreover, to judge by the number of contributions on the subject in these pages, it is an obsession showing very little sign of going away. Indeed it is, if you will pardon the pun, something of a growth industry even during these recessionary times.

The earliest written references to penis size obsession perhaps date back as far as 1400. When it came to sex and how it should be done, The Kamasutra of Vatsyayana was a right Jack the Lad. The illustrations that accompanied his writings show men with stallion sized phalluses performing feats of copulating gymnastics that would make even the editor of Playboy Magazine blush today. Pursuers of this medieval pornography could hardly have felt other than slightly inadequate as they thumbed their way feverishly through these pages.

But the Kamasutra was something of a late arrival in the art of how to make your fellow man feel inadequate through distorted images of penis size. Judging by some of the images left behind them on cave walls, our Stone Age ancestors were no shrinking violets either when it came to depicting penis size in man and animals! And so it goes on to this very day. Today, no self-respecting pornographic star would be found dead on stage sporting anything less than a shillelagh- sized erection. That this thing had been pumped up with inter-penile injection of alprostadil is hardy the point. No, in matters pornographic size does indeed matter, in fact it is all that matters. Thus, the myth is perpetuated for all time.

No religious sect, culture or ethnic group can escape. Indias holy men or Sadhus are known to attach weights to their penises in order to make them appear longer and fatter. This perhaps is understandable since they have a tendency to parade themselves around town wearing very little cloths from the waste down. The practise does make one wonder though if their holiness is very holistic. Ah well, it is not for us to judge now is it?

When it comes to tribal ingenuity in the penis-size-fixation department, the highland people of Papua New Guinea would be a hard act to follow. They still wear their beloved penis guards or Koteka as they are locally known. These cool little numbers, made from hollowed out dried gourds, are worn to cover the entire length of the penis and sometimes scrotum. The trick is to procure a Koteka that is about four sizes too big and it must be pointing upwards too of course. Into this, the wearer hides his flaccid penis while at the same time outwardly suggesting very generous endowment of a straight standing nature. It is hardly surprising that attempts to discourage this practise of wearing phallocrypts in Papua New Guinea have always fallen flat.

However, the surprising aspect to the small penis fixation industry is the fact that not one of the proffered remedies actually works. Vacuum pumps, weights, hand exercises, pills, herbs and potions are all of them a total waste of money and time. Not one of them would stand up to even the most cursory scientific scrutiny. However, does this deter men from lashing out their hard-earned money on these sham products? Not at all. When it comes to having a small penis, hope seems to spring eternal.

The sad reality though is that there are, as always, those waiting in the short grass ever eager to exploit the vulnerable and the weak. Men with small penis fixation are vulnerable and easy prey. You might as well try taking the Koteka from a New Guinean tribesman as expect some men to have a bit of sense. It is indeed a sad world we live in.