Personal Grooming-how To Create A Romantic And Aristocrat Hairstyle

Let look at how to we can create two very different types of hairstyles for ladies mainly:
A.Romantic Feel and,

A.Romantic Feel
If you have the need to express yourself non-verbally in a very romantic sense or you are meeting your knight of shining armour for a moonlight adventure, hesitate no more for this hairstyle is definitely for you.

The steps are as follow:
1.Apply Oil-In-Cream (OLEO-CURL Oil-In-Cream) onto your entire length of hair (make sure your hair is dry) with your palm.

2.Use ceramic plates to press your hair starting from the top. Make sure you only do once.

3.Use the curling iron to create a smooth base on the lower part of your hair and to create a contrast with the waves.

4.Next divide your hair into two equal sections. Use the curling iron to create curls into ringlets.

5.With the curling iron, use it on the lower part of your hair with the curling iron held vertically. Roll your hair from mid-length to the tips to achieve soft, romantic curls. You should sweep the curling iron forwards as you reached the tip of your hair.

6.If your hair is framing your face, use a curling iron that has a larger diameter to curl your hair horizontally from mid-length down. The top curls are then swept backward to create a care free movement.


You woke up and you feel like you are ruler by self-appointment or dictator of a absolute monarch, then the Aristocrat look is definitely for you.

The steps are as follow:
1.Wet your hair thoroughly and apply Oil-In-Cream onto your hair.

2.Next, apply roughly the size of a 50-cent coin sized amount of styling cream onto your palms and spread it over your hair starting from the middle to the tips of your hair.

3.To create more volume, bend forward and repeat this step till you are satisfy with the texture.

4.Dry your hair using a diffuser.

5.Once your hair is dry, spray Oil-In-Milk (Kerastase) to style curls without having to weight them (hair) down. Using a curling iron and randomly pick a few curls to coil it.

6.While coiling your hair, arrange these curls to one side of your face. This will create a mysterious, arrogant beauty.