Powerful Color In Men’s Fashion

When given an option to choose a formal shirt for themselves, most men will go for white. The color white is a powerful color for men and sets an impression wherever it’s worn, and can be paired with both formal and casual trousers. A white shirt worn with a bright colored tie creates a different look altogether. Despite white shirts being the most popular choice among men, you need to look at other colors too. The complexion of men plays a pivotal role in choosing the colors that he should wear. For example, if you are fair complexioned, you can experiment with brighter colors as white shirts will make you look pale.

oWhite colored shirts are a wardrobe basic for every man; but you can experiment with the texture of the shirts to keep it in sync with your complexion. If you want to stick to white, you can go for the Herringbone white shirts or the Twill white shirts that enhances the look of the basic white color.

oMoving away from white, you can also choose from monochromatic, solid colored shirts. These have to be chosen in keeping with the complexion and hair color. The next impressive color that all men should possess is blue. Blue, with its dark, rich hues adds to the look of any business apparel. The different shades of blue can go with the various skin tones, but the best shades would be darker or semi dark ones. Blue looks best on far men who have dark hair, you can go with almost any shades and variations of the color. On the other hand, men with light colored hair look better in lighter shades of blue that compliment their hair color.

oMen with a keen sense of fashion can make a bold fashion statement with colors like pink, red or orange which are essentially feminine colors. These colors look good on fair skinned men. These colors are for the fashion conscious, but they are not so versatile and will probably last you only one season.

oMen who have a bronze or olive complexion, and with brown hair can go with tan colored shirts. Tan shades looks especially good when worn in a layered way; which means you’ll have to pair a tan shirt with a dark brown blazer in order to complete the look. Related colors are yellow and gold which can be worn by men with fair skin and light colored hair. These two colors enhance the fair skin color and can be paired with dark blue blazers. To create a subtler look, yellow shirts can be worn under a gray business suit.

In order of preference, white still reigns men’s wardrobes. Blue is definitely the next favorite, followed by the more opaque colors like green, yellow, pink and tan. We suggest that men’s wardrobes should have the more solid colors like blue or tan apart from the usual white. These are semi formal colors but blend perfectly with the decorum of business lunches and meetings.