Printing Door Hanger Advertising Pieces

Door Hangers are useful tools that serve well for announcements and advertisements. These are commonly used at areas such as workplaces, hotels, schools, and universities. Printing door hanger organizers as a space for this information is easy to do with a little time and patience.

When starting this project you will need to make sure that you have the appropriate materials. These hangers are made from paper, but they need to be sturdy enough to withstand some wear and tear. You will need to use a good paper product such as card stock. Make sure that the printer you plan on using is able to handle this type of paper before you get started.

Use a basic layout program on your computer such as Word Processing, Microsoft Word, or Adobe Illustrator to design the door hanger. Create a rectangle shape in the size that you desire for your hanger, and add a circle at the top to represent the door knob. You can cut this circle out later so that your piece can be easily hung. Insert a text box in the rectangle and add the message that you desire your door hanger to convey.

You can also make use of illustrations, clip art, or other designs that you wish to add to your announcement. Use some imagination to come up with an attractive hanger, but remember to keep it fairly simple so that the message can be easily seen.

Once the hangers design has been created, you simply have to print it out and cut out the circle for the door knob; your hanger will be ready for use! If you want to take it a step further to make a hanger that will have a longer life and be even more attractive, you can have it laminated. This will give it a nice shine and allow you to use it many times without wearing it out in any way.