Private Security Industry In United States

The Private Security Industry is one of the fastest growing Industry in U.S., public panic over crime after September 11 incident and rise of several criminals and militants groups in all over the world helped this industry in booming more in less time period. Currently Private Security Industry is spending more money and recruiting more security guards than public police forces around the country.

According to the estimates and financial studies, total expense on private security was around $52 billion, compared to $30 billion expense on public police forces in the year 1990. There were more than 10,000 private security companies engaged in Private Security Services, and they employed around 1.5 million guards, which is nearly three times of 554,000 state and local police officers. This industry which collects billions as profits is growing rapidly. There was an estimation that the number of private security guards providing their services will reach to 2 million by the year 2000.

Private Security guards employed by Private Security Agencies can be seen everywhere, patrolling shopping malls, workplaces, apartment buildings and neighborhoods. The rapid growth of massive private shopping malls, and steady shrinkage of public shopping streets along with the change in shopping trends of people are also a helping factor in booming and flourishing these private security agencies. Even Government is taking services of Private Security Agencies to ensure security on highly congested public places such as New York City’s Grand Central Station. Many municipalities are planning to cut their operating costs further by hiring private security people to work with ambulance services, parking enforcement, as well as to watch over crime scenes and transport prisoners.

Urbanization, modernization and capitalization in United States also encourages the need of solid security Systems. Government policing system was not enough to serve this huge demand of security staff and armed personnel’s, so that led to more and more increase in number of security guards recruitment and helped Security Agencies in earning more revenues. The case was not only applicable to large government installations or private organization and places of social gatherings. The security agencies used to get several requests and queries regarding protection of private property and persons. Several wealthy people started taking services of private security agencies and guards employed by them in security of their permanent properties, as well as for protection of their own life.

In brief, it was beginning of another era in history of Homeland Security in United States. The trend of having private security guards is becoming more and more popular, which will ensure better employment services and earning opportunities for Army veterans, providing a chance to earn them for their own bread and butter.