Proper Workplace Etiquette Is Great For Business

In order to run a successful business every action has to offer the customer something useful. Great products or services are extremely important, but the behavior of your employees and the level of customer service you provide is just as important. Making your customers comfortable with proper business etiquette, is the cornerstone of a great business model. p>

1. Honesty is one of the most important aspects of a business. Your customers have to trust you. Building that trust depends on honest transactions and following through with everything promised to the customer. If a few customers spread the word that you don’t follow through with what you promise, it will damage your reputation.

2. Confidence in your products and services will go a long way. Avoid answers like “I don’t know”, this will leave doubt for the customer, if you don’t know, how are they supposed to know. Know your products or service extremely well, every small detail about what you offer is important. If you don’t know something, look it up, or ask someone before giving an uncertain answer.

3. Manners are just as important in business as everyday life. Avoid anything remotely offensive to the customer. Bad manners will put your customers off for certain.

4. Politeness and good manners go together, some may consider them the same. Greeting your customers properly will give a great first impression. Use polite words such as please, thank you, you’re welcome, sir, ma’am. A proper greeting example”Good afternoon Sir, is there anything I can help you with today”.

5. Compliments are received well if done correctly and are a useful tool in a business setting. This one is a little tricky, if done incorrectly, it may offend the customer. Tread lightly, and keep it simple, a comment about their clothing would probably be best. “I love your shirt, or I’m a Washington Redskins fan too”, avoid comments about physical appearance.

6. Hand shaking is common in business settings. A firm handshake will present confidence. If you’re a male, wait for the female to extend their hand, and use a lighter handshake.

7. Eye contact will assure the customer that you’re committed to them, that they have your full attention. Keeping direct eye contact when you meet them. Looking away or at other customers will give the customer the impression that you’re disinterested or distracted.

8. Smile as much as you can, especially when you first greet someone. A smile will signify that you are enjoying conversation with them and helping them with their needs. You don’t have to maintain a smile the entire conversation, but when you are greeting or ending a conversation are the most important times.

9. Enthusiastic greetings will give a customer the feeling that they are appreciated and that you want to interact with them. This instills confidence in you and what you are saying.

10. Speak clearly and in an appropriate tone of voice. The normal conversational tone is fine, as long as you speak clearly enough to hear. This will follow the enthusiastic greeting, show confidence in your voice without being too loud. Proper business etiquette is great for business and will assure your customers they are your focus. It will give them a reason to return for your products or services. How you treat your customers is more important than the service or product you sell, so keep that in mind.