Pros And Cons Of Promotional Advertising Gifts

Promotional advertising gifts are very common these days and almost all business and corporate houses big or small make use of advertising gifts for creating brand awareness and a better exposure of their company’s goods and services. Many often we come across situations where we visit a shopping mall for buying something and come back with our bags loaded with promotional advertising gifts presented by various companies.

Like each and every planning or business strategy use of promotional advertising gifts are also not without loopholes. However, the pros and cons of using advertising gifts and their possible remedial measures are discussed below.

Benefits of promotional advertising gifts: To start with, let’s discuss the positive sides of using promotional advertising gifts. Benefits of using advertising gifts are many. It is human’s intrinsic nature that we all love to get free gifts. Irrespective of age and gender gifts excite all of us and if such gifts are utility items they are valued more. Advertising gifts mostly come to us as surprises, of which we never think of before. This is another reason why these advertising gifts create a permanent and long lasting impression in our minds. From the giver’s point of view this is quite encouraging because it is not merely a gift that is liked and remembered but it is also the brand name of the company that is recollected with every use. Advertising gifts are not merely promotional gimmicks but they also convey the company’s feeling of gratitude, thankfulness and caring attitude that helps in grasping new customers and in maintaining the existing ones. Better branding and goodwill of the company is established which can take the company to great heights.

Drawbacks of promotional advertising gifts: The basic aim of promotional advertising gifts is to carry the company name and fame far and wide and popularise the brand. This is the reason why the gifts come up with imprints of the company brand name, logo, and message or even contact details. This aspect of promotional advertising gifts may sometimes work negatively as many people do not like the idea of using any utility good in daily lives with the name of a brand and message written in bold letters. It is thus advisable to make the imprints striking or sober depending on the target customers you want to impress. Another major issue includes the size and dimension of the promotional advertising gifts. Common advertising gifts like t-shirts or caps or any clothing that may otherwise act as free walking advertisers of your brand may not fit all your target customers. In that case you need to prepare the items in different sizes which may not be cost effective. Another important loophole of advertising gifts is that the planning needs to be done well before the required time. The enormous demand of promotional advertising gifts creates great pressure on the supplier companies and often they fail to keep the commitment of delivery time. Especially during the holiday season, the demand for these gifts rises astonishingly. To avoid this situation, enterprises require prior planning and order the articles well before the required occasion.

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