Pure Cosmetics – Excavated From Mines

The recent craze about pure cosmetics has made it a hot topic for discussion and analysis. Cosmetics are regarded an essential consumer product for women. There is hardly any woman who doesnt use cosmetics to look good. But the conventional makeup products that most women still use contain harmful, artificial ingredients that can cause several dermatological issues. Doctors have also agreed that prolonged exposure of these harmful chemicals can also increase chances for skin cancer.

The search for alternative makeup started during the 70s when the first mineral makeup range was launched. Over the years several ground breaking studies have followed to establish mineral makeup as alternative makeup solution. Mineral cosmetics have made it to mainstream makeup gradually.

Pure cosmetics were introduced to let women enjoy beautiful and healthy skin for a longer period of time. It contains no harmful chemicals that can cause redness or other skin irritations and therefore, is particularly safe to use on sensitive skin. Some brands have gone as far as claiming that pure cosmetics can be used on sensitized skin after plastic surgery.

Mineral makeup has skin rejuvenating property. It gives a glowing, radiant, silky feeling and is good for women of any skin type. Its anti-inflammatory and improves conditions like – acne, pimple, eczema and rosacea. Ingredients used in mineral makeup such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxides have a natural SPF to protect your skin against harsh rays of the sun.

Pure cosmetics are normally available in loose form. The mineral powder is light in weight and therefore, spreads more evenly than conventional makeup products. It has better abilities to hide skin imperfection, such as freckles, blemishes, dark spots and scars. The light powder lets your skin breathe and doesnt clog the pores. As a result, your skin looks more beautiful naturally.

The powdered form makes it easier to apply. The loose powder often comes in small containers. One can also mix the powder with different color pigments to create wider range of colour cosmetics. One would need a professional makeup brush to apply mineral foundation. To apply to larger areas of the face use a fluffy Kabuki brush. Spread the foundation all over your face with swirling motion of the brush.

How important it is to choose the right brand

Given the popularity, many cosmetic brands have joined the bandwagon to launch their own brands of mineral makeup range. Earlier mineral makeup was restricted only to a limited circle of dermatologists. But now a large number of makeup artists have joined the bandwagon too to make pure cosmetics popular. Sell is climbing, which has further encouraged cosmetics producing brands to experiment with mineral makeup range.As a result, you can now find some of the ingredients used in traditional products being used in mineral makeup as well, such as preservative and fragrance.

You ought to be very careful in choosing the right mineral makeup product. Whenever you buy mineral makeup,check the ingredient list to confirm that it doesnt contain anything apart from grounded mineral powder.