Rapid Prototype Mold Industry Outlook And Trend Analysis

In recent years, steady and rapid economic development, stimulating rapid growth in fixed assets investment, China Mould market demand. As the industry improve its competitiveness and national policy support, domestic rapid prototype Shenzhen mold industry output value and sales revenue for many years to maintain the growth rate of 20%. Die Network CEO, Shenzhen Institute of Deputy Secretary-General Luo Baihui mold technology recently introduced to the Dongguan Daily News the latest developments in the mold industry.

1, mold development prospects of the industry

1, mold market prospects in China

Mold applications continues to expand, the field has been applied to the mold that the larger and higher demand of industrial development to mold faster than the speed of development of other manufacturing industries has become a universal law, mold the world market demand, in recent years, the market total has been between 600 ~ 65 billion U.S. dollars, while China’s export was not mold to 8%, “during” can expand this share, and with the development trend of economic globalization has become more evident, mold manufacturing industry gradually China and the multinational corporations to transfer mold our country has become more evident towards the procurement of foreign and private capital to continue to favor China’s mold industry, China’s mold industry more opportunities than challenges, the future market prospects of international mold, China mold is still large room for development.

2, mold product market and increase their competitiveness

At present, China is facing the technological advantages of the developed countries and developing countries, the dual pressures of price advantage. Industrial countries die with its technological and business strengths, in the high-end molds a competitive advantage, as they are gradually entering the country, the mold industry in China becomes a tremendous challenge; India, Thailand and Eastern European countries in recent years, industrial mold developed very rapidly and the price of its mold also has a strong competitive advantage, China’s mold industry, the cost and price advantage will gradually weaken and eventually disappear. Luobai Hui said that China must die enterprises technology, management and personnel training efforts, and actively introducing foreign advanced mold manufacturing technology to enhance the ability of high-end product development die, adjusting product structure mold, mold products, continuously improve our international competitiveness.

3, mold growth rate of industry

China’s national economy in the “Eleventh Five-Year” period will continue to maintain relatively fast growth rate, to the mold industry, the development of a reliable macro support. Automotive, IT, electronic information, household appliances, OA office equipment, machinery and building materials industry, aerospace, mold needs are large power tools, home appliances and electronic information industries only example of a refrigerator Xu Yong mold about 150 parts , requiring a total of about 350 sets of molds; a need for automatic washing machine more than 150 sets of molds; one air conditioner, only to be 20 sets of plastic mold; die each model takes more than 30 sets of computers, along with its matching printer need to die more than 20 single deputy; also notebook computer, the network will have tens of millions of units set-top box market. As much as the current models developed abroad, mold import more, as China developed its own capabilities in this regard will be greatly increased demand for mold. China’s mold industry can be expected in a good macro environment of rapid development.

4, mold industry opportunities and challenges

On the one hand for the mold industry, domestic and international situation provides an unprecedented development in the development of space, while the other mold will also face more intense competitive challenges, in addition to international competition, at home, Xiaoshan, Shanghai and Shenzhen, will develop mold industries, such as Xiaoshan You into the mold company’s annual sales revenue reached 2 billion, as Friends of the Japanese professional mold factory mechanic’s wholly-owned enterprises, mainly engaged in automotive and appliance dies production, is currently being planned for the support of Xiaoshan City Hong Kong GEM; Huangyan mold industry in management, equipment, technology has also been taking the forefront in the province; mold more than 30 million annual production value of Wenzhou City, is preparing the further development of the mold industry, the five leading enterprise jointly set up mold Constant Field mold company 200 million yuan investment mold built based technology centers were the focus of government support; once the dominant player in the country mold industry in Shanghai, want to revive the former glory of the Shanghai Municipal Economic Commission, the main control center is in full swing mold to build an area of 1,500 acres, modern industrial park will soon die show in front of people; Suzhou New District proposed building a high level with international standards of modern industrial base mold the idea of an area of 2,000 acres ; South China University and the Guangdong Fonda Group signed an agreement, prepared to die city of Changan Town, Dongguan City, played an important cause of mold in southern China R & D base; Shenzhen City in the industrial structure adjustment, the clear will die as the head of the advanced manufacturing industry, investment about 6 billion yuan industrial park building mold; invest 5 billion yuan in Chongqing to build China’s largest, highest standard of automobile, motorcycle mold industrial park, planned in 2035, the annual output value of 3.0 billion; Shantou Plastic Machinery Mould total annual output value of over 10 billion yuan, currently about plastics, machinery and related tooling enterprises with 3,000, most of the companies complete the introduction of Germany, France, Italy and Taiwan, the region’s new CNC mold processing equipment, greatly improved product performance and quality grade . There are a number of other provinces and cities in China (Nanchang, Jiangxi, Shaanxi, Xi’an, Dalian, Yantai, Shandong, Hebei Botou) have to seize our country is becoming a “world factory” great opportunity to create molds Park, brewing industry further escalation of the mold.

Second, analysis of industry trends mold

1, mold market globalization, the mold further reduce the production cycle

Mold the globalization of markets is the most important features of today’s mold industry is one of the mold buyers and manufacturers all over the world, the globalization of the development of tooling industry to the production process is simple, low precision mold processing enterprises to the technology is relatively backward in productivity than Countries with low migration, mold manufacturing enterprises in developed countries are located in the production of high levels of mold, mold manufacturing enterprises have to face global competition, manufacturers have to die while doing everything possible to speed up the production progress, efforts to simplify and abolishes necessary to the production process, the mold production cycle will be further reduced.

2, Die CAD / CAM to the integration, intelligence, and network development

More complete software modules, while the function module using the same data model and implement integrated management and sharing of information, support mold design, manufacturing, assembly, inspection, testing and production management of the entire process. Some series software includes a surface / solid geometric modeling, engineering drawing complex geometry, advanced rendering industrial design, mold design expert system, complex physical CAM, artistic design and sculpture automatic programming system, reverse engineering system and the complex physical-line measurement system ; mold design, analysis, manufacturing three-dimensional technology, paperless new generation of software to three-dimensional mold, intuitive sense to design the mold, using three-dimensional digital model can be easily used in the product structure of the CAE analysis, mold can produce evaluation and CNC machining, forming process simulation and information management and sharing; the same time as competition, cooperation, production and management of globalization and internationalization, and rapid development of computer hardware and software technology, network Shide Zai die industry virtual design, agile manufacturing technology both necessary and possible.

3, mold technology to high speed machining, hard milling and compound machining direction

With the precision mold to develop in the direction of and large, ultra-precision finishing technology over 1m and collector, chemical, ultrasonic, laser processing technology integrated with the composite mold in the future will have broad prospects. High-speed machining to the workpiece surface was smooth, save processing time, typically only a step away from 0.0254mm, and sharp point only 0.001mm high, after the majority of high-speed machining of the workpiece surface is very smooth, no fitter further processing. Currently, machine tool manufacturers are keen on the production process and the specially designed high-speed machining center, high-speed processing technology in the United States to reduce or eliminate fitter process is a considerable efficiency measures, this technology in Europe and Japan popular. In addition, hardening of the material processing with a full mold cavity mold processing industry is another important trend. High spindle speed and a small tool radius cutting carried out by the formation of mildly enough torque, can be used to process up to 64HRC hardness of metal materials, because no need for heat treatment, conventional heat treatment and tempering after the offset caused by the heat treatment carried out by the geometric deformation of grinding also do not need, and the technology in Japan, the acclaimed, now in the United States has also been a lot of attention and positive spread in Europe.

With the rapid development of new technologies, foreign countries have emerged mold automatic processing system that the rational combination of multiple machines, with accompanying positioning fixture or positioning disk, a complete equipment, tools and CNC numerical control database synchronization system of flexible with real-time quality monitoring and control system.

4, mold will be large, precision, standardization direction

On the one hand increasingly large part of molding and to improve production efficiency development of “a multi-cavity mold,” led to mold growing large, the other electronic information industry, medicine, rapid development has brought parts of miniaturization and precision, some tolerance precision mold requires less in the 1m. Another multi-functional composite mold will develop further, in addition to the new multi-functional composite mold Stamping parts, also responsible for layers, tapping, riveting and assembly tasks such as locking, to further improve production efficiency.

Mold standard parts used in developed countries generally cover about 80%, as China’s mold industry, mold will enhance standardization, standardization will be further enhanced mold, mold standard parts of the application and production in the “Eleventh Five-Year” will be greater during the development.

5, the hot runner mold species, mold and adapt to the high-pressure gas-assisted injection molding direction

Mold with hot runner technology can improve productivity and quality of workpiece, and can produce significant savings of raw materials, many foreign plastic mold factory produced more than 50% of plastic molds using hot runner technology, and some have more than 80% The effect is obvious; Gas-assisted injection molding with injection pressure is low, Warpage small, good surface quality and easy-to-wall forming larger products, such as differences in advantages in the premise of ensuring product quality and substantially reduce costs; high-pressure injection molding of resin shrinkage can be forced to increase the dimensional stability of plastic parts; another injection compression molding technology, enables forming a small piece of local internal strain can be less thick Molding shrinkage, while the narrow components for plastic parts can also be injected resin, and used a small injection of power to get good products, these technologies are gradually promoting the use of.

6, very broad prospects for rapid economic mold

Many varieties of small batch production era, people asked mold production cycle as short as possible, so rapid economic development of mold will have broad prospects. Expected in the 21st century, with various superplastic materials to produce molds with epoxy, polyester, or in which the filler metal and glass reinforcement and making simple molds and other production means the ratio of total industrial production will reach 75%. Rapid economic mold include rapid prototyping, surface forming tooling, casting forming tooling, extrusion mold technology and ultra-molded shape, multi-point forming technology, KEVRON steel blanking blanking tooling , mold blank rapid manufacturing technology.

7, high-quality mold materials and advanced surface treatment technology attention

Due to improper selection and use of materials, causing premature die failure, which accounts for more than 45% failure die, so choose the appropriate application of high-quality steel and surface treatment technologies to improve the life of the mold is very important to improve the purity of steel, isotropic , the density and uniformity, and development of more high-performance or performance of a special mold steel, mold steel specifications development, expansion of other high-quality mold materials such as carbide, ceramic materials, composite materials, the application of such a major research focus; use aluminum alloy for mold materials to shorten the molding cycle, reducing die costs, will be faster in the rapid economic development of mold.

Mold surface is the main trends: the infiltration of a single element to the multi-element penetration, complex permeability development, from the general diffusion to CVD, PVD, PCVD, ion penetration, the direction of ion implantation, etc., can be used in the coating are: TiC, TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, CrN, Cr7C3, W2C, etc., while heat means heat from the atmosphere to the development of vacuum heat treatment. Currently laser strengthening, glow plasma nitriding and electroplating (plating) enhanced anti-corrosion technologies are also more and more attention.

8, auto, IT development impact the electronics industry market sentiment dies

China imported the first negative mold growth, mold industry by the “one large and one small” pull, the development of really good the last two years. “A major” refers to the automotive industry, automobile industry refers to not only vehicle, as well as automotive components, such as the United States at present in China for the first time the second largest auto parts exporter, which means that China’s auto mold market has played an irreplaceable role. Its rapid development of mold plays an important role in driving, “a small” refers to the IT electronics industry. Die in 2006 for the 2.047 billion U.S. dollars of total imports, 2.068 billion U.S. dollars in 2005 reduced the 21 million U.S. dollars, for the first time negative growth, stopped the momentum of the expansion of imports increased every year; exports totaled 1.041 billion U.S. dollars, more than an increase of 41.06 percent in 2005, for the first time over 10 billion dollars and imports to reduce the deficit down, is very gratifying.

9, the mold need to further adjust the industrial structure

Although the mold industry and previous years has made significant progress, but there are still many problems. For example, the phenomenon of irrational industrial structure still exist. Structure, including product mix, technological structure, import and export structures, there are different degrees of problems. For example, in the import and export structure, due to the mold design and manufacturing standards and capabilities can not meet the market demand, therefore, die every year a large number of imports, especially high-end products. In 2006 the import and export stamping die, if by weight, priced at 14,913 U.S. dollars / t, and 5,869 U.S. dollars / t, much higher than the import export; while for plastic rubber mold, in 2006 imports and exports were 413,715 units and 1,217,772 units, exports is far greater than imports, while the unit is very different from the poor: the import price of 2532 U.S. dollars / set, the export price 602 U.S. dollars / set, a difference of four times, although the export volume was nearly 3 times the amount of imports, but still below the total amount of imports . That we are still importing large quantities of high quality molds, exports are dominated by middle and low. Therefore, in the long run, the rationalization of import and export trends should be expanded exports and reduce imports, making exports more than imports. Obviously, this also needs to want to be a period of time.

10 management companies restrict the development of mold

Unlike mold manufacturing process management product management, it is the face of unit production of the mold industry, and how digital information management, is very learned. If the mold is not a scientific management, dynamic management approach, we can not guarantee orderly mold manufacturing, rapid prototype Shenzhen mold supplier in time. Meanwhile, each company’s mold products are different, so they need individual management. Those who do well die business, they have a set of unique, for their own management, but that too few companies. Luobai Hui pointed out that the mold business if we do not focus on management development will not continue, and this has seriously constrained the mold enterprise development bottlenecks.