Registration Of Imported Cosmetics In India

WRR MARKET RESEARCH :The fee for registration is U.S. $250 per brand of cosmetics applied for, which may varied in size

Reference code: IRRMRRICIN05-12
Published On: MAY2012


Imports of cosmetics into India are currently not regulated and registration of imported cosmetics is not mandatory. Effective, October 1, 2011, however, India plans to introduce a new compulsory registration system for imported cosmetics products. This new mandatory requirement to register all imported cosmetics will represent important costs in terms of time and money, and administrative requirements for foreign companies to market their products in India. This new requirement is primarily a result of dumping of beauty and personal care products from a few countries, which were found to contain hazardous materials. Lack of regulations on imported cosmetics contributed to the proliferation of sub-standard and spurious cosmetics in the Indian market, worth millions annually. This new regulation is reportedly to check the sale of spurious items and also to harmonize import requirements with those for domestic products.The fee for registration is U.S. $250 per brand of cosmetics applied for, which may include any number of variants or pack sizes.

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