Removal of Unwanted Body-Hair

Methods of Hair Removal


Shaving is quick, easy and efficient and does not cause the hair to grow back thicker or darker although the regrowth feels rougher.

The shave: use soap and water inorder to help the razor glide over skin.

Always shave in the direction of hair growth inorder to avoid ungrown hair.

Shaving is the quickest form of removing underarm hair. You must use a sharp razor to shave this area.

Never shave on the face, around the nipples, thighs or the bikini line, where the angles are difficult to get right and there is a strong risk of cutting yourself.


Works best when there are only a few hair to remove.

Only pluck the eyebrows.

Always pluck hair in a good light, with a magnifying mirror and in the direction of hair growth.

Pluck one at a time from the underneath of the eyebrow only.


These dissolve the protein structure that gives the hair its strength and texture. The destructive action of the chemical is limited by how far the cream can penetrate.

When using, always follow manufacturer instructions and time yourself carefully.

Patch test first, following the manufacturers instructions. If no reaction in 24 hours, apply it.

These creams give a smoother finish than shaving

Use these creams on the legs twice a week for lasting results.

After the use of hair removing creams, wash or shower in lukewarm water.

To remove thigh hair mild hair removal creams may be used effectively as the skin around this region is very soft.

Avoid the use of such creams on eyebrows,breasts, face and the bikini line.

This may be done either by using hot wax or cold wax.
Hot wax is applied in patches, allowed to cool and stripped off taking the hair with it. Hair is removed from the deepest possible point- just above the root. This method can irritate a sensitive skin.
Cold wax is smoothed over the area and covered with gauze, which is then stripped away taking wax and hair with it. Cold wax is not as harsh on skin but it is also not too effective for removing very thick or coarse hair.

Waxing is problematic for removing underarm hair and thus should be avoided in this area.

Waxing is very effective for the dark, tough hair of the legs because the results last for about five weeks.

Waxing although effective for removing hair on the thighs, proves to be quite painful. So it is for you to try and see for yourself if you can bear it.

Never use waxing on painful, inflamed or sunburned areas of the skin, the nipples or the face.


This is an excellent way of dealing with dark hair on the face.

Although it can be done professionally, the home kits are so good that results are equally impressive.

Results of bleaching can often last upto four weeks.

Bleaching is good for very fine, downy hair on the face.

While using bleaching protect the surrounding skin with a tissue paper.

Always use a bleach specially formulated for the face and avoid commercial hair bleaches which may turn the hair yellow.


This is the only widely used way of removing hair permanently.

It uses an electric current to kill the hair and only the most sensitive of skins will find it painful.

Go to a reputable and properly qualified electrolysist since incorrect treatment can lead to scarring or infection.
7. Some useful Tips

Never use hair removing creams or the plucking method to remove hair from the stomach and lower back areas.

Hair on the stomach, lower back and breast region can easily be removed by cutting it with scissors.

Electrolysis is not at all recommended for most types of hair on the leg.

After shaving hair from the underarm area, dust the underarms with talc.