Rent a car at the Dubai Airport

One of the most popular places for getting a car for hire is the airport. To rent an automobile at the Dubai airport is considered to be the fastest and most inexpensive way to travel. You’ll feel safe knowing that the motor vehicle booked in advance will be waiting for you upon arrival. Your family and you will be able to get to the hotel or any other place quickly and safely without worrying about transfer or public transport.

How to rent a car at the Dubai airport:

After booking an automobile online you’ll receive a voucher via email from the company with which you are going to sign contract.
Upon confirmation of booking the manager informs you how to get to the point where you can hire a car. Some big airports provide free shuttles that bring tourists to the points where they can draw up documents for the car rental.
Let your agent know the flight number in advance; it is important in case of the flight delay.
Most car agencies located at the airports are open 24/7.
The car rent usually includes all additional airport taxes.

Required Documents

Upon receipt of the booked motor vehicle at Dubai Airport you’ll need to submit some papers. The rental voucher which you receive via order confirmation email contains the list of all required documents. It includes:

The credit card issued in the name of the driver. MasterCard, Visa, and in most cases American Express credit cards are accepted for payment.

Driver’s license. Please note: your driving experience has to be at least one year. The driving history should not have any serious accidents. Read more information regarding the driver’s license.

Rental voucher. You’ll receive it via e-mail within 48 hours from the moment of booking a car for rent in Dubai. Please don’t forget to print it in order to produce in the office.

The list of other required documents relating to the personal identity may be found in the Terms and Conditions of work of the agency. More information can also be found in the voucher.

It’s a real pleasure to deal with agencies in Dubai. It’s always a friendly service and a maximum of attention, managers will gladly clarify any ambiguous issue. This sector of economy is very developed in the UAE; there are many agencies competing with each other, so with due perseverance you can rent a vehicle for only $15 a day. Of course for this price you’ll get not the latest sports car model, but a good economy class automobile. However even in such a low-cost option you’ll find air conditioner, navigator, stereo system and on-board computer.