Russian Market Space Entry Principles Growth

Russian Market Entry Strategy / Russian Business Development Strategy Implementation Package offered by Independent Consulting Group may include:

1. Supporting the Customer in fulfilling the Action Plan of Russian Market Entry Strategy / Russian Business Development Strategy.

2. Rendering assistance in organizing and implementing ongoing control activities for the top management of the Company including monitoring of the Russian Market Entry Strategy / Russian Business Development Strategy implementation process both at the corporate and at business units levels (with due specifications) basing upon the approved criteria and methods of strategic targets, goals and key performance indicators evaluation.

3. Developing and implementing management reporting system for the Company owners.

4. Identifying potential problems and risks associated with Russian Market Entry Strategy / Russian Business Development Strategy implementation, preparing an appropriate risk management framework.

5. Identifying the Target Clients/Partners need in extra products/services of the Customer.
6. Providing other strategic consulting services as agreed by the Parties.

7. Current business development services including:

Conducting selected Russian market research surveys (oil&gas, energy, IT, banking, insurance, etc.) aimed at identification of potential partners and the Target Clients for the Customer (Target Clients means Russian and/or foreign companies potentially interested in the Customers products/services and regarded by the Customer as existing or prospective clients).

Preparing the List of the Target Clients and agreeing it with the Customer.

Managing the Customers relations with the Target Clients/Partners.

Identifying potential projects and products to be marketed to the Target Clients.

Working-out sales plan of the Customers products/services marketed to the Target Clients and carrying out activities related to its implementation.

Probing into the Target Clients development plans of core businesses and internal business processes aimed at identifying prospective joint projects, including their potential characteristics (scope, terms, expected results, potential risks, etc.).

Organizing and holding meetings and negotiations with the Target Clients on the issues of development of the Customers business in Russia aimed at achieving the Customers strategic goals and objectives

Taking part on behalf of the Customer in marketing events, including conferences, exhibitions, presentations, seminars, etc.

Monitoring perception by the Target Clients of the Customers strategic initiatives and marketing efforts of the Customer.

Power mapping Independent Consulting Group identifies official and behind-the-scenes powers and decision-makers and assists the Customer in establishing and maintaining effective communications with its Russian partners throughout Russia, its regions, certain industrial sectors of interest to the Customer, and in the Target Clients organizations.

Drafting legal documentation within the framework of development of the Customers business with the Target Clients (carrying out linguistic analysis and working out appropriate recommendations).

Preparing reference information, analysis data, and presentation materials on strategic projects implemented under the Entry Market or Business Strategy of the Customer.

Preparing activities aimed at agreement of legal and other business development-related documents at the Target Clients organizations and involvement in these activities.

Screening for potential partners, building up alliances/consortiums with them, working out recommendations on involvement into such partnerships for promoting development of the Customers business with the Target Clients.