SALON SUPPLY BASICS Towels & Appointment Books

There are various types of salon supplies. Salon Appointment Books affect the efficiency with which the salon is run while salon towels affect the customer experience to a great extent. Let us take a closer look at these two basic salon supplies.

Salon Appointment Books

Salon appointment books are an essential tool in ensuring that all appointments are met and that you are maximizing your revenue stream by allotting the proper amount of time to each appointment. Clients make, change and cancel salon appointments with great frequency. Some of your best clients are the ones who keep you guessing as to when they will actually show up. An updated salon appointment book will always keep you one step ahead of the game.

A properly maintained salon appointment book can be as important to your business as styling chairs, salon towels , hair clippers, or any other must-have salon supplies. With clients constantly calling to change times and book new appointments, a salon appointment book can easily become your best friend!

Whether it is a first-time client or someone who’s been with you from the beginning, setting and managing appointments are perhaps the most important aspects of running a successful salon. Every important relationship in the beauty industry revolves around appointments and delivering services as promised.

Salon Towels

Salon towels must be sturdy and strong, yet gentle on the skin. Buy salon towels by the dozen for the ultimate in savings. You can either consider economy salon towels or the bleach-safe, deluxe salon towels. Do you have a salon thats just been opened or remodeled with lots of colors? Supplement your basic white towels with some color splashes. Opt for burgundy, green or black salon towels. These rich colors look sharp with the chrome shining on many pieces of salon furniture.

There is a reason economy hair salon towels are a staple for most salon businesses. The chemicals and solutions so necessary for certain services are tough on a towel. Thats where economy towels come in handy. Also, clients in the barber chairs with short hair may not need a thick towel, while customers with long hair may appreciate a little more fluff. The salon stations for hair, tanning, nails and skin care all require various towels. If you are constantly worried about keeping the beauty salon towels washed and a watchful eye on the stacks, its time to stock up.