Savings Through The Jane Racing Car Seat And Graco Junior Mini

Rear and forward facing car seats are one of a type and offer the kind of flexibility and longevity that parents would love to have. Least of all the added savings that come for parents looking at a baby car seat that will last for upto four years of your childs age. It goes without saying that there can be no better news than having a baby. Linked with it are also the spiralling costs that parents have to cope with. Some costs can be avoided while some can be balanced on the long run. Combination car seats are one such option. By buying a combination car seat your investment runs upto four years!

Rear and forward facing car seats or combination car seats are suitable from birth. After birth the baby can be put in the car seat in a rear facing position. Later the car seat can be converted to a forward facing car seat when the child grows old enough to be placed in this position. Rear and forward facing car seats can be used in both directions. This type of rear and forward facing car seats can be used as a baby car seat for babies up to 13kgs/29lb (birth to 15 months approximate). The seat can then be used in a forward facing position when your child is over 9kg/20lb and can sit unsupported. This type of car seat can approximately support the child up to 4 years old (or equivalence of 18kgs/40lbs).

When you shopping for this type of convertible car seat look out for a tall seat, the higher the seat and the harness straps indicate higher weight limits. This will only allow the baby to use the seat for a little longer. It is also recommended that babies should not be left in Group 0 or Group 0+ infant car seats for prolonged periods of time. It is also considered a hazard to use a baby car seat on a passenger seat fitted with an airbag.

Combination car seats come with a 5 point integral harness. This ensures your baby is secured by the harness to the car seat. Most of the child car seats come well-padded to provide additional comfort for the baby. Some also come with seat covers that can be removed. This helps to wash away the covers that are bound to get stained after regular use.

The jane racing car seat is good car accessory for your baby to have. The Jane Racing car seat has received one of the Best Eurotest score in the Group 0-1 category in the European Consumer Associations car seat tests 2005. It has also got the anti-swaying system.

The graco junior mini is a combination group 0 to 1 car seat. The graco junior mini car seat is suitable from birth upto four years. It features five different reclining positions with newborn insert and padded harness covers.

The nania cosmo car seat Sp Luxe is a combination carseat with a wide and firm base. It comes with a luxury fabric. It has got deep sideways head and body support with dense foam padding.

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