Selection of cosmetics for sensitive skin

Selection of cosmetics for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is easily stimulated, causes some degree of discomfort of the skin. When the external environment changes, the skin cant adjust and then there are no discomfort and allergy. Facial care products for sensitive skin should be careful selection, the best pre-selected skin test do first in order to avoid unnecessary allergy. So, in order to avoid an allergic reaction, is not rejected all sensitive skin care cosmetics should it? Of course the answer is no! In fact, sensitive skin, as long as the election of a maintenance person, make-up products, as you can comfortably do beautiful women. The following told me to learn how to select normal life for themselves for their own skin care products.

1.#Cleanser Our skin is usually due to lack of water in the autumn and winter, dry and extremely sensitive, so care products should be fragrance free, alcohol, preservatives and other ingredients shall prevail. Those for sensitive skin, the cleansing products cant be too exciting, optional side slightly acidic mild cleanser. It should be emphasized that when the cleansing water temperature not too hot nor too cold, cant wash your face with soap and soap with alkaline substances such as face cleanser, which will increase the skin allergy symptoms. In addition, sensitive skin should not use the scrub, dead skin ointment. This is because the thin stratum corneum and stratum corneum of skin damage is caused mainly due to the sensitive, and thus the first principle is to safeguard the maintenance of the stratum corneum from harm.

2. Toner After washing the face painted with a refreshing facial toner and smooth to make sense, the general toner contains alcohol, in addition to easy to make the skin sensitive to infrared, but also that after the alcohol evaporates when the skin feels very tight. So friends with sensitive skin should choose a mild not contain alcohol, spices Toner. Application of finger pulp flick, not great beat.

3. Cream Sensitive skin irritation and friends should not be selected with a high concentration of repair cream, no biased slightly acidic flavor or the best mark special sensitive skin. As autumn and winter than in summer sunlight strong, they do not need to use the cream in the ingredients shine control, However, the skin should be able to lock focus on the activity of water particles is dominant.

4. Mask Shallow stratum corneum sensitive skin often cant hold enough water, whether it is air-conditioned room in summer or in winter, dry climate, the people with this skin will be more sensitive than most people felt the skin dry, dry, and thus strengthen the moisturizing routine maintenance is very important. In addition to containing moisturizing ingredients lotion, skin care products, we must also regularly regular moisturizing mask. Marine Mask, rich in minerals and trace elements, can improve cell viability, to oil and water balance, and promote blood circulation and metabolism. Finish cleaning, hydrating, whitening at one time.

5. Isolation milk Sensitive skin who are more likely than non-sensitive skin in everyday life react to the irritant substance, so before going out or on the make-up, coated with a layer of isolation is particularly important milk. Choose the Isolation milk which can be isolated UV, dust and other harmful substances, providing all-weather moisturizing effect, anti-free radical and oxidative substances, prevent skin aging. It is fresh, breathable, non-greasy, and modification of color, add luster to the skin.