Shenyang, a man successful heart surgery just die car accident

A bus and a jeep collided head-on bus route jeep driver was killed and six injured

Shen moves on the road, a black jeep suddenly after crossing the double yellow line, and a bus collided head!

Emergency room, the jeep driver’s sister, kneeling to the days of prayer: “Mom and Dad, ah, be sure to bless my brother all right …”

Jeep driver was taken to hospital after pronounced dead, the accident also killed six people were injured … …

Bus attendant knocked two cars collided faint

Yesterday, 13:30, reporters rushed to the scene. The windscreen of the bus all the fragmentation, the co-pilot position quickly labeled the first row of seats squeezed. At that time the bus was traveling north collided with two vehicles in which the location is north of the road.

Site traffic police, a black jeep incident heading south, I do not know why the crossed double yellow lines and bus collided. Middle-aged man, the driver is the cause of the accident is not clear. ”

Introduction of bus passengers, the crew with the car on the co-pilot position. “A little girl, very young, the strong shock, she knocked faint, caught in the crevices of.”

Reporters learned that the bus passenger Shenyang Tianxing Ltd., was outside the car than the driver and crew have more than 10 passengers, basically sitting in the car in the front position.

Bus passengers, Ms. Lee recalled in horror, told reporters: “I was sitting in the third row, we have a very smooth driving car, bike black jeep suddenly appeared …”

The bus driver right hand bandaged, said: “(incident) is very sudden, many passengers were injured, I am very sorry, but the cause of the accident investigation traffic police needed, the company is fully shunting away passengers.” Witnesses said the jeep they were, hide crash because of another car, but traffic is not confirmed.

Fire and rescue passengers sustained minor injuries, mostly self-help passengers

Before the arrival of the rescue vehicles, safety hammer car were slightly injured passengers broke the windows with self-help, some seriously injured passengers still trapped in the car. Subsequently, the Expo with the Fire Squadron firefighters rescued the trapped crew dilator, emergency vehicles will be their away.

Scene, witnesses said the driver of a chest hanging objects like pacemakers, but the doctor recalls: “arrived at the scene, the driver’s heart rate fairly normal, no signs of heart disease.” The doctor explained, the driver chest is not the pacemaker, but the people called “back box”, to play the role of cardiac care, could not determine whether the cause of the accident and the driver heart condition.

14 am, the other a bus arrived at the scene, the presence of all transfer passengers and their destinations. Accident two cars were transported from the scene wrecker.

Sister, kneeling down to pray to the sky: “Mom and Dad bless brother all right.”

“Mom and Dad ah, your soul in heaven, be sure to bless my brother, ah, bless him all right …” 14:30 Xu, People’s Liberation Army No. 463 Hospital in the emergency, the jeep driver was being sent to an emergency rescue in a woman with begging and kneeling in prayer outside the emergency room curtains of tears. She is the sister of the injured, first rushed to the hospital. Saw the rescue her brother’s doctor, she will go in front of his knees begging doctors, and nurses with my friends had just pulled her aside, she rushed back to his brother around again.

Sister told reporters that the injured 58-year-old, had just finished heart stent surgery some time ago, now recovering well, the family feel very fortunate, cars bought soon, in order to buy the Jeep safety factor a brain, the result is an accident the … …

14:45, jeep driver’s brother quietly asked the doctor: “there hope?”

“I hope not, a serious brain injury. Can no longer breathing on his own up.” The doctor said, shaking his head.

14:50 Xu, a doctor announced the death of patients, family members can not accept, request to re-rescue, pulling the doctor’s arm to go out more than 10 meters, “the doctor, can no longer save him …” 12 minutes, the family finally agreed to dismiss the injured body of the instrument, after a man cry.

15 am, the other end was pushed back three injured emergency room examination. Emergency room doctor, the wounded, the 19-year-old flight attendant injuries most important, her face has a 5 cm long wound to suture.

Yesterday, reporters from the emergency center in Shenyang City, learned of the accident, a total of seven injured were taken away. In addition to the jeep driver was killed, another six per-capita non-life-threatening.

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