Shirt Collar Stays Your Ultimate Clothing Accessory

Do you lose your temper every morning when you have to wear disheveled and tousled up collar shirts to work? Well, now you have the most simple and effective solution to this problem of yours Collar stays. Yes, all you need to do is put the collar stay under your shirt-collar when you hang it up on the hanger or get it out of the dryer, and you will get your shirt collar as crisp and neat as new.

Collar stays are stiff, rigid metallic strips, rounded in the middle and pointed at the edges, in the shape of a shirt collar, which can be inserted under the collar of shirts to straighten up the disheveled collars. They are made of various types of metals like brass, steel, horn and even plastic. There are also magnetic collar stays available in the market which tends to keep your collars in place for a long time. The demand and market of collar stays is increasing gradually, and shirt collar stays are coming out of the boxes as items of necessity rather than items of luxury as they once intended to be.

In the corporate world today, everyone wants to deal with the best person around, and mostly people are judged on the way they present themselves, on the kind of clothes they wear and the neatness on them. In such cases, wilting or bent shirt collars can harm you image tremendously.

Hence if you are using shirt collar stays, then you get a permanent solution to crusted collars. Shirt collar stays are available as permanent shirt collar stays and temporary shirt collar stays. The permanent shirt collar stays are stitched into the collars of the shirt to make them stay in shape all the time. But there is one disadvantage to this type of collar stay, because you cannot put your shirts into the washers or dryers, because otherwise your collar stays will get damaged. Thus you can use a temporary collar stay which can be slid underneath the shirt collar for some time to straighten it up and then removed.

Magnetic collar stays are the latest buzz in the market of collar stays. Magnetic collar stay is originally a strip of magnet in the shape of a collar stay that can be put under the shirt collar and then magnetic buttons can be put underneath the collar to hold the shirt collar down and in the right position all the time.