Short Hairstyle For Round Face-making Your Personality More Dynamic

Wide cheeks with no edges, broad forehead and an expansive jaw line are the features of round face. This face looks beautiful, if the person can avoid putting on more weight. Actually round body looks plump and a little weight can make the person look obese. But round face women can wear a slim look with the help of short hairstyle for round face.The problem with round face is that it makes the neck look shorter and reduce the overall visual appearance of the person. Wearing unmatched haircut can aggravate the problem. Long haircut with large volume of hairs on the sides would only add breadth to the face making the face look bulky. Your objective is to look slim and wearing long layered haircut with bangs wouldnt fulfill this objective.

Short hair with a swept back style can make your round face look narrow. Since this style convenient, you wont find any difficulty in combing your hairs in this style. Cut your hair up to chin and brush a large volume of hair to one side. It is called side swept bangs. This hairstyle would certainly make your plump face look slim. Try this haircut at home as it requires no additional accessory.For a trendy short hairstyle for round face, you can access the web and see the celebrities with round face. Following the celebrities that have plump faces is the right way to find right haircut for your face. Since there are many celebrities that are round, you wont find any difficulty in finding one. Isabella Rossellini, Geena Davis, Christina Ricci and Kelly Osborne are some of the celebrities that are blessed with round faces.

A bob haircut is just perfect for round face women. Bob was in fashion in 70s and the celebrity that popularized bob haircut was Marilyn Monroe. But this haircut is still popular and this is evident from celebrities wearing this haircut. You can wear graduated bob or razor hair bob or any other bob haircut that suits to your face shape. Look for a trendy short hairstyle for round face on the web.Being a round face woman, you would like to wear bob haircut. After looking at celebrities that wear bob cut, you would feel inspired. Bob cut can bring out your facial features and distract the viewers attention from the roundness of your face. Consider wearing a short hairstyle for round face, if you are round face.