Silk Scarf Makes Your Hairstyle Unique In 2011

If you like fashion, you may find that the highlight of European and American fashion shows – hair accessories. In spite of traditional hair accessories such as hair bow, hair band which are still shining under the sparkling lights, silk scarf is the most creative hair accessory which can bring different flavors. Silk scarf, as the most popular hair accessory for this year, is not new for us, if you look around in major cities. Many fashionable girls wear the silk scarf on heads instead of necks. Are you envious? You dont have to be because I am going to tell you how to do DIY hair accessory with the silk scarf.

Firstly, before decorating your hair with silk scarf, you need to deal with your hair. Tie a high ponytail with a rubber band, which is very important. Because the height you tie your hair will affect the whole image of your head. Now lets have a look at how to make such fashionable hairstyles with silk scarf.

Punk sense

This style is kind of exaggeration but totally shows personal characteristics. The silk scarf wraps the whole head. Just pick up a dark triangular silk scarf without any pattern and wrap your head from the back ponytail. Try to wrap tightly and tie the silk scarf at the middle above the forehead and on both sides near the ears. This towering turban must give new experience for your appearance.

Dot scarf with coiled head

In order to make this hair accessory, firstly you just set the ponytail into dumpling, high at the back of head, leaving the forehead clear and flat. Then wrap your head with pop dot silk scarf, without covering the dumpling head. You have to be careful to cover your ears.

Twisted cylindrical hair band

This accessory is much easier to make. You just twist the silk scarf into a cylindrical turban and you can keep the ponytail or coil your hair at the back of head; if you wear short hair, you can let your hair down. Then tie a knot at the back of your head with the cylindrical turban. If you put down strands of hair in front of your face, you will look more gracefully.

Middle East flavor

This sort of hair accessory with silk scarf may remind you of womens hair accessories in Middle East. If you want to experience Middle East flavor, you can just do with one silk scarf at your hand. Put the middle triangle of the scarf at the lower back of your head; then you wrap around your forehead where crosses both ends of it. Finally, tie a knot at the back of the head and fix on it.

After sharing all those secrets, I think you must have learned some skills. And its time for you to make your unique hair accessories by yourselves.