Some Practical Ways To Theft-proof Your Car

Owners of Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and FIAT vehicles and Calgary Dodge dealers might be thankful that their car models are not in the list of Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Canada as reported by the Insurance Bureau of Canada but it does not imply that car owners should be lenient and confident.

What the Insurance Bureau of Canada reported were the car models that organized vehicle thieves have taken away, sold outside of the province or other countries and never to be seen again.

When you go to the police department and research the incidence of car burglaries, you will discover that no car models are spared from car thieves. Calgary Dodge owners might be thankful that they still have their vehicles but this does not mean that they are immune from break in.

With this reality, every car owner must theft-proof his or her car. Below are some practical ways that you can do to prevent thieves from ransacking or car-napping (just like kidnapping) your car.

Lock your car doors at all times. You cant control what the outside environment may do but you surely can control access to your car. With the current auto lock technology which can be done remotely or one push of the car door lock at the drivers side, there is no reason that you cannot lock your car.

So you are forgetful? I assume that your car has an auto lock and alarm system? Set your cars auto lock mode to 15 seconds. This might be cumbersome at first but you will get used to being disturbed by the auto-lock and alarm switching on after 15 sectors.

Never leave even a slight slit of opening on your windows. Roll it up fully so that no hands could gain access into your car. Do this even if you think you are on a safe place or you are just standing near your car.

Hide under the car seats or inside your trunk things like bags, jewelry box, gifts, grocery bags that might attract thieves. Make your car interior look as bare as possible to avoid getting the attention of the lurking thief.

As much as possible, park your car at a place where you can see it or there are people who can witness if there would be some kind of theft activity that might be happening. Dont park your car alone in a dimply lit corner.

There are various electronic locking mechanisms that you can install on your car, such as the auto-ignition off, gasoline supply stoppage, and gearshift locks. These locks when activated will immobilize your car. These will give your car a second line of defense.

Of course, there is no guarantee that your car, be it the latest