sports goods industry accounted for the proportion of sports industry is also rising

In this market ,the national brand and international brand competition the trend has been formed ,and will grow in intensity, this will inevitably lead to the industry reshuffle aggravated ,and the development of electronic commerce ,realizing the intelligent will be the future to improve the enterprise core competitiveness the key . relationresultIf a few years ago China domestic market strong driven automobile industry growth spurt in the words ,then ,the Chinese people for sports ,health becomes more and more attention and on the sports spirit of the persistent pursuit, has also been detonated a Chinese sports consumer market a lighted . Chinese sports industry is developing rapidly ,even the assertion industry ,sports industry will become a new economic growth point .relationresultIn May 17~20 day held in Beijing of the thirtieth China International Sporting Goods Fair ,the State Sport General Administration of sports equipment for the center director Ma Jilong to the public for the first time officially released China sporting goods industry development report 2010~2011. Report pointed out that the sports industry ,sports goods industry as the largest ,openness and competition in the field ,in recent years to maintain the rapid development .2006~2011 ,China sporting goods industry (sportswear ,sports shoes ,sports equipment and related sports products manufacturing and sales ) values increased year by year ,the average annual compound growth rate of 17. 63% ,accumulative to 2011 is expected to reach 176000000000yuan,accounting for the sports industry the proportion of more than 80% .China has become the second largest in the world after the United States consumer market of sports goods . relationresultThe World Federation of sporting goods chairman Oyama Kiya ralph lauren womens optimistic about China sports market prospect .He in this Bo ceremony that ,along with the development of Chinese economy and consumers more participation in sports ,China became the sports shoes ,sportswear ,sports equipment to the world base . At the same time ,China brands and international brands have formed competitive situation, China will also enter a retail sporting goods industry ralph lauren outlet online have an important impact on the retail period of reorganization ralph lauren womens . relationresultMarket potential is tremendous relationresultIn the Bo ,reporter discovery ,the scene is unusually hot ,highlight the sporting goods industry vitality .Reportedly ,a total of nearly 1200 enterprises andbrand exhibition ,the exhibition area of nearly 110000 square meters,to professional audiences and sports enthusiasts to exceed 100000 person-time ,and from more than 40 countries and regions more than 2000 overseasbuyers . relationresultTo this, Ma Jilong expresses when accepting a reporter to interview ,the sports industry of our country in the proportion of GDP rises in year after year ,reaching 0.58% in 2011 .At the same time ,sports goods industry accounted for the proportion of sports industry is also rising ,2008~2011 years,amplitude is amounted to 80%~85%.