Strut Your Stuff With Bone Wear Men’s Clothing

Colorful, unique, trendy, sassy, and very masculinethese are just some of the words that best describe a line of apparel strictly for the masculine bones. Bone Wear is definitely the collection for men and boys alike.

Bone Wear from is proud to be South Africas first and only international underwear label that strives to offer men a unique range of well-designed and high-quality underwear, gym wear, and swimwear made from the best fabrics. Locally designed and manufactured in South Africa, Bone Wear is the first underwear and gym wear internationally sold in the different outlets around the globe.

Answering the Masculine Hunger for Style and Fashion

Bone Wear is fashionably engineered to be colorful and unique. At Bone Wear, our pool of designers makes sure that the various designs released in the market cater to most tastes of men. Bone Wear at boasts of garments that are tailored to suit those trunk bones in many different ways:

Bone Wears collection series of uniquely designed boxer-style underwear is cut for looser fit to enable the body to breathe.
Each Bone Wear garment is made from soft and silky spandex that is contrasted with white stitching. Bone Wear also adds lined and seamless pouch for real comfort.
Because Bone Wear is strictly made to sustain quality that the product is upholding with the revolutionary two-way quality of stretch cotton Lycra for ultimate movement comfort.
Bone Wear has also previously released a new range of collection made from bijou Lycra, which is a light and breathable fabric suitable for swimwear and underwear apparel.
Briefs products are also made with supportive pouch to provide convenience suitable for most men and enhance the male profile.
Each product is stylized for men to treat manhood in a whole new different level.
Moreover, each Bone Wear brief from is also divided into four panels along with a seam set off by white stitching.
Bone Wear undergarments all come in extraordinary yet stylish bijou Lycra available in black, blue, white, and red as basic colors.
The bijou fabric stretches through the trunk to give a bit of room in enhancing the male profile.
Low- to mid-rise Bone Wear classic underwear collections are great choices for low-rise pants and jeans.

The Classic Bone Underwear Collection

The Bone Wear underwear collection is indeed comfortable for everyday use and specially made from cotton and Lycra fabric that separates it from other brands. Bone Wear offers quality men undergarments great for daily wear as well as date wear. The sensual bijou fabric that serves as distinctively Bone Wear makes up one vital factor in the choices of men.

Bone Wear at DealByEthan

And if all the men judge every underwear brand they know, Bone Wear from can earn a very well-deserved spot in the top list of boxers and briefs manufacturers. Bone Wear can get a classic A mark for the unique attitude, for the beauteous sex appeal, and another high remark for comfort, quality, style, and practicality.