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Lead Acid Battery Industry Has Seen Huge Evolution In The Last Couple Of Years.

Worldwide primary and secondary battery demand is projected to rise at a nearly 7 percent annual pace through 2010 to $73.6 billion. China will record the largest gains of any national market, stimulated by healthy economic growth, ongoing industrialization efforts and rising per capita income. Annual demand in the country will climb by more than $7 billion from 2005 to 2010, and China will surpass the U.S. to become the largest battery market in the world. Sales increases are also expected to be strong in India, Indonesia, South Korea, Poland, South Africa, Brazil and Russia for similar reasons.

The total Indian storage battery market is approximately estimated at US$ 600 Million with the automotive battery segment contributing more than 65 percent of the overall market value.

In terms of volumes, the overall consumption of automotive batteries could be around 7.3 million units with the OE segment comprising around 1.5 to 1.6 million units per annum.

The Indian Lead Acid battery industry is poised to more than double within four years given the current rate of growth of over 25 per cent per annum.

This being the case, the aftermarket is definitely striking with its sheer size and is lucrative due to better price and credit realization. Lately India has seen a surge in the sales of the passenger car segment which increased the overall sales of batteries.

The Life of Lead Acid Battery is generally 2 “” 3 years and the boom in auto sales since last 5 years has pushed the sales of aftermarket battery market, the demand is so huge that there is always short supply in quality aftermarket battery.

The LEAD ACID BATTERY market in Indian Subcontinent is highly fragmented industry with very few manufacturers in Quality in BRAND segment and several battery manufacturers in tier 2 and tier 3 categories which have regional and national presence.

Most of these lead acid manufacturers have vast presence in Semi Urban and rural areas and cater to replacement battery market of Old Automobiles, Tractors, farm equipments, heavy commercial vehicles etc.

India, now, accounts for about 14 major automotive manufacturers, and all of them are growing rapidly in India, and also looking at making India their home for exports. This would further enhance the overall market base. But what is significant is that the industrial batteries consumption is going up with the economy booming.

This will create opportunities for supply of industrial batteries in the telecom towers, railway usage and in the power sector. With the country short of power in several pockets, usage of inverters too, has gone up significantly, and this is not going to come down soon.

Battery Importers have also been contributing a lot to the short supply of batteries. Get more information about battery industry only at

Taking Advantage Of New Dubai Small Business Opportunities For A Profitable Venture In The Uae

If it’s your first time to dish out money for a small-scale venture in the UAE then here are some new opportunities you might want to look into before you get started with planning.

Imports and Exports

Small-scale entrepreneurs might want to try opening a trading company in Dubai to target import and export duties for fun and profit. Current market shows that there is a big market in importing foreign products and exporting local goods to countries, like Japan, United States, and China.

For example, pearl imports have seen a growth to 30% for this year alone which is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs who have contacts in the pearl industry. Import of construction materials are also in great demand due to the continuous constructions projects currently planned out for Dubai’s improvement. Exports of local products are also a profitable venture as well, especially if you target popular local goods, like medicines and ceramic tiles. Import and export of food products also yields profitable figures as well.

Recreational and Entertainment Establishments

Many new Dubai small business opportunities are mainly centered on recreational and entertainment facilities believed to be scarce in the city. The increasing number of tourists in the city, as well as the demand from local society has made it a profitable investment in opening up nightclubs, recreational kiosks, even entertainment hubs to target the needs of native UAE and foreign tourists alike.

Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment in Dubai has taken a turn for the better. New construction projects on various residential facilities and luxury homes are underway to target the need of local and foreign visitors. Trying your hand out in real estate as one of the potential new Dubai small business opportunities gives you enough leverage with the investment — offering you a risk-free acquisition. You can buy a real estate property to cater to local needs, or investment in many real estate properties for monthly rental or resell later on when prices yields to your favor.

Health Care

There is a huge need of professional health care workers in the UAE, especially in Dubai. As the city grows, hospitals and private institutions are in need of skilled nurses and care givers to cater to the needs of the locals. Such is the case, opening up a recruitment agency in the city as one of the new Dubai small business opportunities might be your ticket to success and profit. Investors with contacts with interested workers in other countries will do well in this industry, especially those catering to Child Care since this is considered to be a trend in Dubai’s current recruitment trend.

Travel Agency

One of the most lucrative new Dubai small business opportunities is in the travel industry. Many in the known-world are seeing Dubai as a tourist attraction and having a travel agency to cater to this trend promises a lot of profit on your way. This type of business requires you to be affiliated or familiar with various accommodations in Dubai, as well as in the rest of the UAE; tour options, recreational and entertainment facilities and services to cater to vacationer’s needs.

Getting Started

If you’re thinking if opening up a small-scale business in Dubai then you might want to stay away from Free Trade Zones due to financial issues. Opening up a sole ownership enterprise in the city might be too much to handle so the only option left for the investment is to set up an enterprise with native UAE sponsor as your partner. This way, you get to earn the profits while they take care of handling and managing the operation of the business.

Keep in mind, however, that you need a sponsor who is knowledgeable in the type of business you want to put up in the city. You can only take advantage of new Dubai small business opportunities if your local sponsor can give you accurate market trends and figures to help you plan it out. If you’re new to this venture then it would be best to have a local business consultant firm lend you their expertise to help you set things up from scratch.

New Trend For Wholesale Jewelry From China

Recently, there is a new wholesale jewelry trend that appear around the whole world. In the past, However now according to the growth of web business, more and more businessmen choose to wholesale jewelry from China over the Internet. It is , energy-saving and very express.

At first, lots of jewellry vendees would like to buy wholesale jewelry from China through Alibaba. Even So, frankly speaking, there will be no advantage on wholesaling jewellry from Alibaba since the suppliers or makers have to pay a large number of money for the exhibiting advertisings in order to make the prospects that on the homepage. The vendors must make the excess money they old for ads from the immediate emptor.

In the event, a new wholesale jewelry trend raise and produced. It is web wholesale jewelry store. All these online jewellry shops are controlled and controlled by the jewelry traffickers themselves. Therefore, they do not demand to pay worldwide number of adverts tip. Perhaps they need some promotion ones to promote their site in the Google and Yahoo. Yet, the price is smaller. In proportion, they can provide real low-priced wholesale jewelry prices for the vendees.

Before, emptor have to be worried about the sending fee, shipping time and risk of losing money without obtaining the goods. All these problems have got decided nowadays. DHL, UPS, FeDex and EMS can give the shipping time nice short. Besides you can use some other fast shipping directions to spare money and time. Last, numerous wholesale jewelry purchasers favour to pay for the goodnesses by Paypal that can ensure your welfares of online shopping. You do not need to worry about missing money even if you do not get the goods.

Thence, wholesale jewelry from China cheap through the Internet has become more and more popular now. Based on a master enquiry on jewellery wholesale industry, nearly 70% jewelry trade&business are done through the Internet. Web business will turn another big another wholesale jewelry trend in the coming.