GPS Navigator for Car, Necessary or Not

You MUST be familiar with CAR GPS Navigator if you are a driver. Do you think it is a must have gadget for drivers? Some people say that it is the rare gadget that actually simplifies our lives. People could say goodbye to road maps, MapQuest or Google Map printouts. Ask for directions with the help of this electronic device. Simply plug in an address and use.

However, some people say that CAR GPS is a gadget of no use. The update of GPS map couldn’t keep up with the change of cities, buildings as well as roads. Sometimes, the GPS gives a wrong direction guide or guide which is not the shortest way to get to destination.

In my opinion, Car GPS is suitable for people who always: * Go other place for business or visit where they are not familiar with * Travel a lot outside of their familiar place * Have trouble in recognizing direction

Those people are not necessary to buy a GPS: * Seldom go on business or visit outside the place where they familiar with * Good at recognizing direction

Smart cell phones with GPS, like HTC Inspire 4G and iPhone 4, is a good option for those who need to use direction guide from time to time. With the embedded GPS receiver and a mapping service, you have access to real-time position tracking, text- and voice-guided directions, restaurant, hotels and points of interest. However, for the additional features, users need to pay for their use.

Standalone GPS for car is very practical for actual use and offers more features than built-in Navigator on other devices. For example, the 2GB Free Map 5″ Fashionable Touch Screen Car GPS Navigator with Bluetooth AV-IN from PICKEGG features 5.0″ TFT-LCD touch screen, exact position-fix, dynamic route calculation, voice guiding, 8GB TF card support, dual-Mode for Map viewing and interactive POIs and so on.

No matter what kind of GPS you need to buy, you need to consider:

* Your budget * Additional features * Others’ review and opinion * Compare and try in different shops * Place where you might often use the gadget

GPS Navigator for Car, Necessary or Not? Well, the answer totally depends on your actual needs. So does the kind of the navigator.