How To Remove Bird Poop Droppings & Not Damage A Cars Paint Job

Most car owners have no idea that bird droppings cause permanent damage to car paint, until it happened to their car. Paint damage from bird poop is an expensive problem for car owners Internationally. A study from Zurich Insurance found that repairing the damage caused by bird droppings costs British motorists 57million pounds annually.

A sunny day can turn your cool car into a hot oven. So, classic car owners prefer a parking place in the shade to protect their cars paint job. If your shady spot is under a tree, its also the home of the worst enemy of your car finish birds. There is NO product on the market that can protect your finish from bird droppings for more than a few minutes. Birds poop is highly acidic, and the longer you leave it on your cars paint, the more damage it will cause. If you try to clean it the easiest and most obvious way, wipe a it off, even with a wet towel, you can scratch the paint. This is because birds use gravel to digest their food. So, wiping bird droppings off your car is like rubbing gravel into it!

Every car owner should carry the following items in their car for quick and easy access a microfiber towel & a fresh bottle of SALT FREE seltzer water. This is simply water and carbon dioxide, which will not harm your cars paint job. You can take the lid off the water, place your thumb over the top, and shake it up really well to create a blast of water to wash off bird droppings BEFORE they ruin your cars paint job!

Tools Youll Need For This Job:

Rubber Gloves
Eyes goggles that hug close to your face, without openings on the sides.
Paper face mask or respirator
Plastic garbage bags & bag ties
Misting spray bottle full of water ,or a garden hose, if cleaning a large area.
Wide wallpaper or floor scraper with a smooth flat edge
Long Sleeve Shirt, long pants, closed shoes, socks and a cap for your head
Old Broom & dust pan used ONLY for this job. Do NOT use in your home.

Use a cover to protect your car, especially when you park it outside.

The quickest, and safest, way to remove bird droppings from your cars paint job is with a microfiber towel and a quick car detailer spray. If the bird dropping is dried on the paint surface, you can use a microfiber towel soaked in a 5050 mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol. Place the wet towel over the bird poop and let the droppings soak up the liquid for a few minutes. Then gently BLOT the surface to remove the bird poop. DO NOT WIPE OR SCRUB BIRD POOP. The gravel in the bird droppings may scratch your cars paint job.

In some cases where old bird poop has been dried onto the cars surface for a long time, it may still come out with a mild polish, such as Scratch-X. Use caution with Scratch-X, as it contains abrasives. If the bird droppings damaged your cars paint job, sometimes a good paint polish can fix the damage. HINT In a pinch you can try WD40, as it will not harm paint and will dissolve the bird droppings. Be sure to wipe up residual WD40 with soapy water. Follow this up with a good coat of car wax. In only the worst cases, old, dried bird droppings can cause irreparable damage.