queue management systems

At a more strategic level the bank was able to determine the Optimum Counter & Service mix per branch ie Number of counters offering a particular service. Wait time and service time metrics were used to calculate employee productivity bringing high degree of transparency and promoting an analytic driven culture. The comparative data from Opti-Q is sent out every month to all branch heads, motivating them to better their branch performance to higher levels. “Team spirit and accountability at branches has shot up, with measurable cost savings”says Mrs. Madhabi Puri Buch (Executive Director-ICICI Bank)

Opti-Q is today the focal point of ICICI’s branch banking and has been implemented in more than 700 branches of ICICI Bank in India besides the overseas branches including UK, Canada, Bahrain, Singapore and Sri-Lanka. The next level of Opti-Q would involve integration with CRM systems for priority banking services to the banks existing customers while enabling customer service agents to cross sell and upsell products to their current customers.

The branch is as much a service vehicle as it is an effective sales vehicle, “Mrs. Madhabi Puri Buch added, while holding fort on the introduction of Dynamic Queue Management Systems (DQMS) for customers at ICICI Bank branches. “Data from DQMS will now form an input for many of the bank’s initiatives such as productivity and Six Sigma. The data on the number of transactions at each desk per employee will help to calculate employee productivity and determine staffing requirements. ‘Customer wait time’ and ‘Customer transaction time’ form valuable Process Quality Information System inputs for Six Sigma certification”.

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Opti-Q is a complete branch analytics system that not only manages customer queues in real-time but also provides the management real-time access to performance metrics like customer wait time, average service time and employee efficiency. It provides banks and retail institutions a complete branch transformation tool to prioritize services for their VIP customers while providing them a convenient method to cross sell and upsell their products to waiting customers.

Almost overnight, scenes of customers crowding across teller counters and agitated employees vanished from the banks branches. Customers were no longer anxious about their turn and the branch became a more stress free environment. Existing customers of the bank were given higher priority in the Queue resulting in better customer retention. Having tasted success in its first phase, the bank decided to overhaul its entire operations and logistics across the branches. The Second Phase of Opti-Q commenced in 2006 whereby data from individual systems was pooled into a central server.

Opti-Q’s data provided an incisive insight into the working of a branch from average footfalls in a day to service bottlenecks, gaps in staff training and other operational issues. This data was then used by the analytics team in ICICI Bank to restructure its entire operations.

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