Flooring business gradually take the road of transition

How great feast at home before the trip

[China] floor network Recently, the development of the flooring industry is already approaching maturity, the major flooring companies are actively looking to upgrade the road, especially among the domestic industry consolidation, companies need to speed up the floor to create a set of product design, development, manufacturing as one of the new business model, the floor so that it can achieve the development of enterprises.

Flooring business transformation gradually go down the road of how big feast at home before the trip

Flooring business transformation road go?

Golden nine silver ten hot market, and in the last couple of years have not staged. At the macroeconomic shift from rapid growth to the rapid growth and multiple factors affecting the real estate market adjustment, the home market is also feeling the bursts cold weather, even in the traditional sales season, the market still appears to be very dull.

Transformation, which is a common problem almost every home business in the current market situation to face. A key problem is that the transformation of domestic enterprises, Where? Flooring and other home industry urgently needs a new round of industry reshuffle and integration. This round of consolidation, unable to adapt to market competition will make a number of companies out of rhythm, but more importantly, can really create “the era of big home”, so flooring and other home industry usher in a new development opportunities. ikea australia deck tile

In fact, several years ago, there were already a lot of flooring and other home businesses proposed “big home” marketing concept. However, Yao Liangsong seems to put more people in the past “big home” as an integrated form of the store, but the convergence of the various brands of products in large stores, so that consumers in the range of home stores to experience the “one-stop” shopping.

Because of this, in a new round of consolidation in the household sector, we must accelerate to create a set of product design, development, manufacturing, branding, sales and service in one of the new business model, make all kinds of flooring and other home products, services and brands of the organic fused together to create new competitive advantages.

Large home carnival feast flooring companies need innovative business models

In this sense, the era of big home is destined to become a collective carnival and feast. Any one flooring and other home businesses can not alone embrace “the era of big home.” However, the ability to make this feast really into the seats, you will need to rely on leading enterprises play the leading role in the integration of resources and a good platform to build, truly different production and operation of high-quality household products business together, forming the main competition of market integration, thus releasing the “1 + 1> 2” market competitiveness, the formation of a more powerful brand influence, and ultimately win together in the “era of big home.”

Of course, any kind of business model innovation, we need to continue to demonstrate experience and explore, from the familiar and consumers also need to agree to the final cognitive processes. Therefore, the arrival of “the era of big home”, but also the leading flooring company needs more effort.

One thing is sure, flooring and other home industry in the new round of consolidation is about to set off a wave of the situation, who start sooner, who more likely to lead the business development trend; who will become the industry leader in the integration of resources, whoever more likely to win in the “era of big home.”Read More:
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