Terms And Conditions For Car Hire In Kolkata

The car rental industry has not only been useful and handy for the individual beings but also for the corporate houses. However, there are a number of conditions which needs to be fulfilled before you can actually rent a car. You are necessarily required to meet the terms and conditions which include returning the vehicle in the good and precisely the same condition when it was hired, not exceeding the maximum distance while traveling to a destination. If the distance goes beyond the limit you have to pay additional tariff. You will be able to gather all this information when you are hiring the car from the car rental agency.

When you are hiring a car and it is going to be self driven, you should possess a valid driving license. There are some other factors also which are taken into considerations when renting a car. When you will be driving the car yourself, you need to have that age limit for hiring a car. In India, for instance according to Motor Vehicle Act a person is legally valid to drive a car after he turns eighteen years old. But you might not be allowed to drive a rented vehicle unless and until you are twenty five years old and have enough experience of driving on different kinds of roads. Different rental companies set up different age limits for permitting to drive a rented car. They are mainly reluctant to allow a person to drive the vehicle if he has recently passed the driving test.

The car rental companies might refuse to drive the car especially if have an invalid driving license or there are some previous offences against your name in drink and driving case or any other accident. Basically when you are searching for the car rental companies you would come across two kinds of rental firms; the first is one which owns the entire range of different types cars known as fleet such as SUVS, the luxury cars, Sedan class and others. The second category is what is termed as broker model where car hiring companies have commercial agreements with car hire companies to provide access to their fleet of cars. There are different modes of payment. You can directly pay the cash while there are some companies which prefer payment from credit card for the security reasons.

You also have to make some advancement payment before you can actually hire the car. If you are availing the services of the chauffeur you need to check whether he has a valid licence or not. The tariff rate for car hire in Kolkata depends on several factors such as what type of car you are hiring, how long you are hiring it and how much distance has been covered by the car. The more expensive model you rent, the more you need to pay. The customer has to pay the rental fee of each day in case he hires the car for a week or so. Always hire the car from the best rental companies.