th Annual Academy Awards Hairstyles

Lets start with two England stars Rachel Weisz and Keira Knightley, two great actresses. Rachel Weisz’s tie back chignon style was very sleek and tight. The hair is brushed up and arranged smoothly as to present her facial area with much distraction. A very cute look with complex tie back. Keira Knightley’s look is quite different with split bangs and a pony tail. The hairstyle is not as elegant as the one from “Pride and Prejudice” but is still beautiful.

Now we go to great blond hairstyles presented by some of the bigger names. Charlize Theron presented two great looks, the first one before presentation with split hair and crunches all around. Her second look during presentation was with split bangs and a very elegant updo. Reese Witherspoon is as usual with a very great hairstyle to match her homely nature. Her simple elegant updo presents a southern touch similar to her “Sweet Home Alabama” hairstyle. Two hot divorcees that any man would be more than happy to pickup include Jennifer Anniston and Nicole Kidman each with simple, flowing hairstyles slightly sweeped on one side. Both are great looks that are not too fancy. Jada Pinkett Smith shows a very sexy, sleek hairstyle that is sweeped to one side with a simple tie back as well. There are many more hot looks as well. Now lets name those women’s hairstyles to avoid. I found Dolly Parton’s hairstyle that only she can pull off and definitely no one else should even try. Jessica Alba and Amy Adams both had updos that were not as flattering to their face. Both were not done well and too high for miss Alba’s. These hairstyles could have been done better.

When it comes to the male celebrity hairstyles, there are a variety of great looks. We start with Jake Gyllenhaal who had a very clean, hairstyle that did not match his slight beard growth. Luke and Owen Wilson presented two very different looks during their presentation. Luke presents the sleek, clean hairstyle while Owen has the wild long hair. Although Owen has done his hair better at other events, they both have descent hairstyles. Now on to the male hairstyles that were not so appealing. Tim Burton is a crazy guy and so is his hairstyle. Most guys should try to avoid this look. Also, Heath Ledger’s was just not his best look. With so many prior great looking hairstyles, this one is just not a good one. This hairstyle was more sloppy and just not as appealing. One look that really surprised us was Tom Hank’s long hairstyle that just did not seem to fit him. The look was more fitting on Tom Cruise but just not as fitting on Mr. Hanks which shows long hairstyles are not great on all guys.

Well this concludes the quick run down on Academy Award hairstyles. Until the next major celebrity event, keep your eyes peeled on those movies and big names in them.