The Five Best-selling Foreign Cosmetics Boutique In China


“Great Treasure” series Cosmetics was born in 1985;

During the period 1985 to 1990 consumer launch of the speed honey eyes wrinkles, age spots cream, bags under the eyes cream and other products sold at home and abroad is not a long decline, is known so far;

So far in 1993, best-selling beauty day cream, night cream, and honey, like SOD household, with an annual sales volume of about 14 million bottles;

In 1994 to market the MT series of cosmetics in the country opened up to metallothionein (English short MT) such substances used for cosmetics set a precedent for accelerated penetration of nutrients into the skin and the internal rate to prevent skin aging effect is more obvious, has opened up new areas of application of cosmetic raw materials.

Consumer Hot Zan products: canthus wrinkle honey (main ingredient of pollen), bags under the eyes cream, eye cream (nourishment, but can not afford to Zhifang Li), hand, foot care cream, SOD honey, beauty night cream, beauty facial cleanser (North Shadow girls favorite)

Note: The Great Treasure of products basically contain ginseng and astragalus.

In Japan, many products have a Made in China logo. Previously, such a sign of just being seen as a bargain or a symbol of inferior goods, but now, many international top brands which also appeared more and more Made in China. Many Japanese from China back to Japan that it will take a lot of “great treasure.” Cosmetics shop in Japan, “Da Bao” in China, but worth the price of more than 10 times oh.

2, Pulanna (Miss World Finals is the only designated skin care)

Brand Description: Pulanna, from French, “les plantesnaturelles (natural plant)” in Chinese transliteration, she uphold the essence of Chinese classical Yang Fu school, integration herbal essence and the latest achievements of modern biotechnology, through 20 years of carefully orchestrated , so that the ancient beauty Kampo shine, the creation of Pulanna Oriental beauty of the Kingdom. Is China’s first high-tech exports of cosmetics. Over the years, Pulanna in the international community has won the French “Beyond Beautiful” International Beauty Show gold medal awards at home and abroad, etc. 85. In 2005, Pulanna skin care brands to rewrite the Western monopoly of the history of the Miss World event, becoming the 55th Miss World Final is the only designated skin care products, and was awarded the Special Contribution Award. At present, cosmetics, natural vegetation has been marketing Pulanna 98 countries and regions in the world as the world’s hundreds of millions of the public, “skin care experts.”

3, Nanjing Golden Ballet (the first veteran to enter Europe and the United States)
Brand Description: ballet, was born in 1933, with the experience of centuries of Perfumery, as early as 70 years entered the Europe and America, Southeast Asian market, many in the international counterparts to get the praise, is China’s Hong vice president of the Association of the governing unit.

The seventies, China’s first natural-based cosmetics, nutritional “pearl cream” In the hands of people from the ballet, and “a hero to enter the Hong Kong market” has become China’s first cosmetics export enterprises inside and outside a sensation in one fell swoop. Eighties, the first natural mink oil and silk protein as the main raw material a series of cosmetics, in order to crack cold rule, a unique skin nourishing moisturizing effect, well received by the consumer’s love and salable.

Even today, “ballet mink ointment” still dominate the cosmetics market dominance.

Consumer Hot Zan Products: Ballet Pearl Cream (still popular favorite), ballet mink ointment

Mink oil and human skin has excellent permeability and compatibility. Nutrition, moisturizing, easily absorbed. Frequent use, nutrition, skin moisture, so resilient and has good cold crack effect.

4, deeply love Royal Empress mud Square

Brand Description: In the Qing dynasty Qianlong “beachhead powder paper” has come out. Locally they are called “Pak Nai.” This “Nai,” dozens of kinds of rich minerals, in the human skin has a physiotherapy role in Beauty and skin care and has a magical effect. Historical records from the current world has not yet been found to have a second place of origin, can be described as unique in the world of rare and unique mineral mud.

The Qing dynasty period (1875-1909) to the unique Nai powder as raw materials of paper popular among women. Tribute tribute to the imperial court had won the popular Empress Dowager Cixi, so mud is called “Royal mud”! In the initial stage, are exported to Europe and the United States and Japan; have skin is still semi-finished products exported to Japan and other countries. CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV have reported to the company.

Consumer Hot Zambia Products: Imperial Square Revitalizing Mineral Mud Mask Mud (used people say that the green clay than Begas easy to use, effective cleaning without stimulation)

5, Herborist

Herborist Han Fang beauty concepts are gradually enjoys popular support, in particular about the national character of modern times, Chinese people need not to over-dependence on foreign cosmetics. Our skin care brand purchased from foreign countries when in fact a lot of foreigners are to Kampo beauty for foreign use. Japan is now the best-selling beauty book is neither a “cosmetic king” is not “beautiful people up,” but rather by the Japanese Yuko Takagi, senior beauty experts to write “Chinese cosmetic adventure.” Ginseng, astragalus, Chinese angelica, pearl, aloe, pollen, sandalwood, Poria, beauty beauty UFA Toothpaste. Do not forget, they are precious to our ancestors.

Consumer Hot Zan products: Herborist tender skin whitening mask 500g, Herborist Balance Lotion 50ML