The Importance Of Car Batteries

Many people pay attention to the exterior parts and transmissions of their cars, but they often forget that car batteries are equally important. Car batteries supply electric energy to cars. They are rechargeable batteries that are often replaced by car service centers.

There are things that a car owner must consider before buying a new car battery. There are two conventional types of car batteries low maintenance or nonsealed, and maintenance-free. Low maintenance batteries are recommended for vehicles used in hot weather.

Maintenance-free batteries offer more advantages to car owners. They have longer operational life, faster recharging time and greater overcharge resistance. The downside, however, is that maintenance-free batteries are more prone to deep discharge, also known as dead battery. In the current times, car manufacturers have introduced a dual type of car battery. Dual marine batteries combine a standard battery with switch-able emergency cells, which makes it look as if two batteries are working as one.

A car buyer planning to buy a battery should consider the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) level of the battery. CCA measures the batterys ability to start your vehicle in cold weather conditions. Very low temperatures can cause motor oils to thicken, which makes starting engines difficult. CCA information is provided by most car shops or used car dealership. Orange County car experts believe that higher CCA rating is needed for cold environments.

The second most important thing to consider is the reserve capacity. It is the number of minutes your battery can run your car, should your alternator fails. A fully charged battery usually has 25 amps reserve capacity. If it falls below 10 amps, it is time for you to get a new battery from your used car dealership. Orange County car battery shops offer battery recharging and sell fully charged car batteries in case you dont want to wait.

Aside from CCA, reserve capacity and battery size, a car owner must know the right place to buy car batteries manufacturers stores, car shops, car service centers, or used car dealership. Orange County car dealers advise their customers to avoid buying car batteries from gasoline stations or retail stores, which might be unreliable.