The Indian Snack Industry And Bikano Namkeen

Every decade witnesses a change, a change in lifestyles, fashion, living standards, technology, and what not; food habits are no exception. With busy lifestyles pounding on the existence of the urban gentry, it is no longer the usual home made food all the time that is in the platter. Given the demand for food snacks, meals, chaat, sweets, and more, a number of restaurants has cropped. And if the restaurant happens to be that of a reputed brand, you will not easily get a seat; you will have to wait in queue to get it. Even if you want to buy take-away food snacks or chaat or any other items, you will have to wait as there will be many others like you waiting to pay the bill and get the items.

As aforementioned, food habits and lifestyles have changed to a great extent. This has in turn steered the growth of the snack industry. It is namkeen items including potato chips, etc. that are savored by people at large any time of the day while on the move. If you visit a home in India, the hospitality showered comes in the form of serving of some hot or cold beverages with the accompaniment of namkeen items and sweets. Bikano namkeen offered from the house of Bikanervala is one of the most selling items in the Indian snack industry. You will be spoilt for choices when you come across the menu of Bikano namkeen items. Worth mentioning are aloo bhujia, ratlami sev, peanuts, badam lacha, bikeneri bhujia, chana masala, cornflakes mixture, dal moth, ganthiya, kaju mixture, kashmiri mixture, khatta meetha, khoka bhujia, matar masala, moong daal, navratan mixture, peanut masala, and more. It is no exaggeration to point out the fact that once you taste Bikano namkeen, you wont feel like tasting the namkeen of any other brand. Such is the spiciness, taste, crispiness, and flavor associated. The sky is the limit for the Indian snack industry with players like Bikanervala catering to the snack and namkeen needs of the people at large.

When we speak of food snacks, what are the items that fall in the menu? It can be either of kachodi, samosa roll, soya tikki, pav bhaji, vada pav, pakoda, paneer pakoda, bread pakoda, burger, soya masala wada, samosa, gobhi pakoda, paneer tikki, and more. Of course, it will take time to prepare any of these food snacks items at home not to mention the ingredients that you will need to collect first before you start for the preparation. Why worry when you can get high quality and tasty food snacks items in a restaurant near your home or wherever you go. And if it happens to be afternoon or evening, you can satisfy your taste buds with chaat items like aloo tikki, papri chaat, raj kachori, bhalla papri, lachha tokri, pani puri, bhel puri, pao bhaji, dahi bhalla, paneer masala chilla. All chaat items are accompanied with the mouth watering chutney.