The Keys to a Clean and Organized Car

When you look at your brand new car, you say to yourself, -I’m going to keep this one clean.- You mean it when you say it, but it hardly ever pans out that way. It doesn’t take long for a clean and organized car to go down the wrong road and end up a wreck.

Here are the keys to a clean and organized car:

– Vacuum the interior of your car regularly, at least once a month. Dirt and grit work the same way in your car’s carpet fibers as they do in your living room, they build up and breakdown the fibers. An extension cord and a shop vac will do the trick at home. Most gas stations and car washes have vacuums as well. A hand-held vacuum (or -dust buster-) works well on seats.

– Use a spray foam carpet cleaner and a rag on freshly vacuumed car floors to spot clean.

– Wash the exterior of your car once a month also. It’s easier to wash your car in the shade. Double check and make sure all windows are all the way up. Hose off the roof of your car first and then work your way down the sides. Be sure to get every inch nice and wet. Don’t forget the wheels and under the bumper and fender.

– Only use car wash to wash your car. I love my car too much to try any homemade solutions. Some car wash soaps are really pricey, but I always buy whatever’s cheapest. Apply soapy car wash with a sponge or rag, scrubbing as you go. Start at the top and work your way down. Stick to one area at a time. Rinse suds before they dry, then towel dry with a soft cloth or chamois to prevent spotting.

– After you’ve washed your car, polish the chrome. First, remove rust gently with a steel wool pad. Dab a wet sponge in baking soda and rub onto chrome. Let it stand 20 minutes, then rinse and buff dry with a rag. You’ll be amazed at how fabulous it looks!

– Baking soda also works wonders on removing splatters and grime from windshield, headlights, chrome and enamel using the same method as above.

– Keep plastic grocery bags in your car for trash, empty weekly or as needed.

– No car is complete without a container of baby wipes. Every Mom knows what miracle workers these things are. Great for quick and easy clean up of spills in the car and 1,000 other uses. Believe me; they’ll be put to good use in the car.

The real key and the most important factor in keeping a clean and organized car is to stay on top of it and not let it get out of control. Make an effort each day to remove anything from your car that does not belong in it. A car is a huge investment and should be treated with care. Don’t let your car become a wasteland. Get outside and get to work!

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