The Latest Car Black Box Driving Recorder With Gps

With the popularity of private car and the increase traffic problem, car DVR system like car black box or video drive recorder which a device installed in car windshield to record video and other information related to vehicle impact or accidents has been very hot.

As a experienced and professional China electronics wholesale (, publishes a large selection of car DVR systems to follow the trend. Among abundant car DVR system, strongly recommends a brand new car black box driving recorder with cool GPS function.

Certainly, the new outstanding function of the item is GPS function. Except the traditional function of collecting and analyzing driving information, users can use the car black box to have right direction guide. Users neednt to worry about losing correct route during trip. Therefore, the driving recorder can bring not only a safe driving but also a correct traveling.

In addition to the cool GPS function, the China car DVR ( is triggered by G-sensor when sudden motions changes in X, Y and Z axis occurs, such as acceleration, sudden stop and sharp turns. G-sensor can detect the motion direction, and can take automatic record. It also has events record function, like sudden brake, turning direction, speeding up, etc., G-sensor can detect and star event record function.

One or more of these conditions may occur because of an accident. Information from device is stored in memory card and can be analyzed to help determine what the vehicles were doing before, during and after the crash or event.

The car mini DV ( record everything anytime during driving; provide evidence for accidents and other traffic problems. Any drivers will be able to easily record and reconstruct the course of traffic accidents, driver behaviors, protecting the rights of drivers by capturing all questionable events on video, and obtain strong evidence that will hold up in court to bring violators and criminals to justice.

Moreover, this cheap car DVR comes with very powerful management system. The management system is used for checking and browsing the record, which have built in flashes, users must install them. Users can use the video drive recorder to Check the driving history, Store the files as JPG and AVI formats, Information can be listed and browsed, Control playback speed, Control sound, Pause, image playback, Support check the location with Google map, Can see G-sensor induction table, etc.

Compare with other peer, the surveillance car DVR ( with higher quality crystal clearer images, due to its VBR image files turn to Nand memory, but other peers CBR image turn t SD card. Therefore, it is very clearer and stronger to know the driving condition; and the evidence will be much more powerful.

With the most competitive price and practical stable quality, the car DVRs win a huge number of customers both home and abroad. It is really profitable to cooperate with and wholesale car DVR direct from China.
Newest Car Black Box Driving Recorder with GPS