The Led Backlit Lcd Tvs The Leader In Lcd Tv Industry

Nothing can be replaced with the bliss of watching your favourite channels or movies through the high quality display. You can find so many latest display technologies available in the market nowadays. This flat screen era opens a variety of flatscreen displays before you. You can find LCD TVs with fluorescent or CCFL backlighting, LCD TV with LED backlighting or plasma TVs.

People are more biased to the LCD TVs, since these are considered as the most reasonable display. Each of these TV s possess with their own characteristics that enable them to carve a niche in the television market. The television market is crowded with diverse TV models in different price ranges. Now it is your turn to choose an excellent display within your cost constraints.

The article now discusses about the new generation LCD and LED TVs. LED is Light Emitting Diode while LCD is Liquid crystal display. You will not get the clear idea about the displays with just the names mentioned. More surprisingly both of these technologies work together since the LED is used as the backlight in LCD TVs. The typical LCD TVs usually use the cold cathode fluorescent lamps or CCFLs to deliver the backlighting.

The backlighting of a LCD display is one of the vital factor that enables it to reproduce the image. Thus the quality of the image extremely depends on the backlighting technology type. It is literally impossible to find an LED TV with a size of normal TV display. It is not an ideal option for people, since you should need a wide space to accommodate this sort of high end television.

A recent LED TV from the house of Samsung has shaken the market with its launch. The other peer manufacturers argue that there cannot be a true LED TV. Conversely, the company argue that their product is embedded with the LED technology mostly. The typical LCD TV that uses the fluorescent or CCFL backlighting cannot assure the picture quality as the LCD TV operated with LED backlighting device. You can enjoy fabulous realistic image quality.

One of the most attractive features of the new generation LED LCD TV that attracts more and more people to it is its lesser energy consumption. You can expect 40 percent lesser energy consumption with respect to the traditional LCD TV. Thus it is considered as the most environment friendly display in the industry. The LED LCD TV can be found with thinner designs than the typical LCD TVs or plasma TVs. The quality enthusiasts looking forward to more and more models of LCD TV with thinner display panel and real to life display quality. Most of the players in the industry are competing to produce cutting edge LCD TV models that are associated with LED backlighting.