The Multifunction 7 Inch Double Din Car Dvd Player – A Pretty Good Purchase

The Multifunction 7 Inch Double Din Car DVD Player – A Pretty Good Purchase

Nowadays, people who owns a private car usually tend to have a good car DVD player in the vehicle so that they can get both entertainment and convenience during the journey. In the automotive aftermarket, there are various models of car DVD players. Among which, the 7 inch double din car DVD player now can be the most common model, but is also the hottest one mainly because of its multiple functions in providing wonderful amusement and easy operation.

A 7 inch double din car DVD players, like other most DVD players for cars, is able to offer a variety of entertainment ways for both the drivers and passengers during the dull and boring trip. With the built-in radio function(usually supports AM/FM tuners, and RDS is also available for most), such an unit enables you to enjoy a large number of radio programs from different radio stations, and one can also store the favorite stations. Besides, the RDS function also provides you with alternative frequency tracking, traffic reports and selectable program type. Watching some interesting TV shows in the vehicle is also an amusement option via the built-in TV tuner function of 7 inch double din car DVD player. It also has the friendly user interface supporting touch slide operation, which will bring you pretty easy and simple operation. If it also has the function of steering wheel control, operation will be much easier and simpler.

Apart from car radio and TV function, a 7 inch car DVD player can read many formats of audio and video files stored in memory storage devices. If you couldn’t find your interested programs from the radio stations and TV channels, or both the car radio and TV tuner can’t receive signals when you drive to a long-distant place, you can also play your favorite DVDs or CDs to enjoy melodic music, interesting movies and some videos. Additionally, the car DVD player also has the USB jack and SD slot, it can read digital files form USB sticks, SD cards and MS. You can also connect the MP3 player or cellphone with this DVD player, and then all the music or movies resource stored in them can be played. Furthermore, the iPod supporting function makes it possible for you to fully enjoy iPod music in the vehicle, what you only need to do is to make a simple conjunction of the iPod player and the car DVD, via an iPod control cable or an iPod adapter.

Speak of the driving security and convenience, the 7 inch double din car DVD player can also helps a lot. It is capable to offer you GPS navigation and hands free Bluetooth. The built-in GPS receive system usually supports electronic maps of multiple countries, which can provide you with the specific information of your location as well as correct route, effectively reducing the rate of getting lost. With the Bluetooth function, one can make hands free calls via the built-in microphone or car speaker of this car DVD player, as well as enjoy the Bluetooth stereo music. A reverse rearview camera can be connected to this car DVD player, and then you can easily view the rear situation of the vehicle on the in-dash monitor, avoiding unexpected accidents while reversing or parking.

In fact, with a 7 inch double din car DVD player in you vehicle, you can get far more than these. With the rapid development of car DVD player, i believe that a 7 inch car DVD player will meet more and more requirements of the customer in the near future. All in all, the 7 inch double din car DVD player is worth buying.