The New Favorite Rhea Thierstein in the British Fashion Industry

You cannot make it clear what exactly Thierstein Rhea do, because we may consider her as a window designer, installation artist, graphic artist or photographer, but you perhaps surprisingly image that eye-catching identity of the lovely girl is at present the most sought-after set designer of fashion sheet in the British fashion industry.

A powerful and unconstrained style together with Tim mark

Rhea Thierstein in 2005 graduated from university, where she studied professional photographers. Originally with one thought of a photographer, she worked together with famous set designer Shona Heath during her internship. The young Thierstein Rhea was deeply touched by the creative wonderful work. After graduation, she did not leave the studio of Shona Heath during four years. Until 2010 March, Rhea Thierstein began to work independently, to create her own set design.

Soon genius creativity of unconstrained style of Thierstein Rhea was found by famous fashion photographer Tim mark found. they work together to shoot fashion blockbusters for -Costumes- and -POP- of American edition, -Vogue- -Vanity Fair- -Wallpaper- of Britain and Italy edition. Thierstein which learned photography can better understand what photographer wants to express. She has its own unique aesthetic perspective for the design of large sets, full of sweet girl feelings also do not break dangerous sexy visual impact.

“Bumblebee” lights up the world’s most famous show window This year, in addition to a series of large sets, the most notable new movement of Thierstein Rhea work is to design show window for Selfridges. To ask which show window in markets is most famous in the world. Of course, it belongs to the department store in the London Oxford Street Selfridges. This show window which has been voted the global most optimal in department stores is famous for avant-garde window display design. -Bright Young Things- design exhibition is the window design activity that this year Selfridges department store has specially screened the most red 25 Young rookie from around the world. Thierstein Rhea was listed in that activity. She also used two huge bumblebees to express this theme of “Spring&Summer”, which had become the most eye-catching window display design.