The Rise Of Outdoor Digital Advertising

The practice of advertising outdoors has been around for quite a long time and it might as well be as old as advertising itself. But as people change, cultures grow, and technologies develop, so did outdoor advertising. Out of home advertising spending rose from $6.1 billion back in the year 2010 to $6.4 billion this year and $7.6 billion by the year 2015. Outdoor is very relevant to the daily lives of the consumers and there is a growth in spending which are devoted to newer forms of outdoor advertising such as digital media.

Out of Home Advertising was already on the rise and now here comes a new form of out of home advertising that will help advertisers and Advertising Agencies deliver more Effective Advertising materials or campaigns. More than three- quarters about 75.5 percent of US media planner will already be incorporating outdoor digital advertising in their marketing plans this year. By next year, it is expected that 86.3 percent of media planners will be using outdoor digital media for marketing which is a huge jump from last years 65.3 percent.

Budgets for outdoor digital media will also be coming from allotments for traditional outdoor advertising. More than half of the media planners would be shifting their budgets from traditional advertising to Outdoor Digital Advertising efforts. Media budgets for outdoor advertising would be about 54.2 percent while 43.8 percent would be on TV and 22.9 percent for digital or online advertising. The remaining 19.8 percent, however, would be left for other forms of advertising.

One of the advantages of outdoor digital advertising is that whenever the advertiser or the advertising agency needs to update any content, they would not have to spend a lot to fix problems and print errors. With outdoor digital advertising, the content of an advertisement can be updated just by a click of a mouse and can control one or more screens in a single network. These networks can also be stretched across the globe and remotely controlled.

Out of home advertising is currently at the forefront of the advertising market and thanks to the help of Digital Media, out of home advertising is redefined to make brands more captivating and engaging for its consumers.

Marketers, advertisers and outdoor advertising agencies are taking notice of not only the benefits of outdoor digital advertising but also the numerous opportunities and possibilities it provides its clients. Not only is spending for outdoor advertising on the rise but also spending for outdoor digital media. This, no doubt, will continue to grow for there are still numerous of untapped resources in out of home advertising.