The Zija Scam – Is There Any Truthfulness To The Claims

Is there a Zija scam? Many people are on the net everyday hoping to find a strategy to get extra money from home, not as a luxury, but in this economic climate as a way of surviving.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of scams online that many fall prey to. For your sakes, I have concluded the research on Zija International so you can establish for yourself if indeed a Zija scam exists.

Zija International was started in 2004 by Ken Brailsford and to begin with marketed their item by way of retail stores, however in 2006 they changed their business design to that of multilevel marketing.

The Zija vision was to assist people to have a healthy lifestyle. Zija markets liquid nutritionals, weight-loss and skin care products.

The staple product comes from a tree called Moringa, which they reference as “The Miracle Tree.”

This plant is stated to include minerals, proteins as well as antioxidants. The assertions are that this plant is so effective that it could aid over 300 wellness ailments.

Do the products actually do just what they claim? The only route to know for certain would be to test it out for yourself.

Why Are So Many Claiming A Zija Scam?

There are several grievances that Zija is simply another pymarid scheme. Allow me to state clearly, these statements are not accurate.

If the organization were a pyramid scam, it would not be going solid for seven years now. The majority of multilevel marketing companies go out of business inside the first two years.

There are several reasons individuals claim that Zija and many other mlm businesses are frauds, yet the main cause is the fact that these individuals at one time a part of Zija or know an individual who was, and they or that person was unsuccessful.

Not only did they fall short, in fact, they wound up losing plenty of cash.

Exactly why did they lose funds?

Once more, there are several factors. Simply, most didn’t put in the efforts required. A mlm home based business just isn’t a get wealthy quick plan. It will take commitment and working hard.

Frequently too many people deal with it as a hobby and not a genuine business opportunity.

On the other hand, some assume that all they have to do is tell family members and friends about the Zija products and they will grow to be rich.

Drastically wrong!

No matter how wonderful you believe the Zija items are, they do not promote themselves.

Think I’m wrong? Ok, put out a display of the products inside your driveway and see how many people come knocking down the door.

So mainly because people join Zija International, they run and inform their family and friends about how excellent the products are, they exhaust their warm market, they end up having an untouched supply of unsold products, lose income and then they go and shout of a Zija scam.

Being candid, 97% of folks in mlm just make less than $10 a week. That’s the truth overall.

Yet the reason doesn’t lie in a Zija scam.

The exact cause is simply because they never ever learned to promote their Zija business successfully.

People simply overlook the need to educate themselves about powerful internet marketing techniques. If you are planning to be prosperous in Zija, you have to understand the way to establish your home business on the web, as you will quickly discover that the outdated methods of speaking to family and friends will at some point fail you.

Zija can be a fantastic home business opportunity, if you are utilizing the power of on-line marketing.