There Are Several Techniques All Car Sales Professionals Must Follow If They Want To Close the Deal

Anyone that sells cars as a way to make a living is very familiar with three words, “closing the deal”. The difference between successful car sales professionals and those that are not as successful is how sharp their closing skills are. The more skilled you are at closing deals successfully can literally make or break your sales career. There are several methods that you should consider following if you truly want to have a higher percentage of sales.

Both new and experienced sales professionals can benefit from learning these methods and implementing them into their sales pitch. You can even practice these techniques with friends and relatives until they become second nature to you.

Always Assume Your Customer Is Buying

It is important that you act and speak like your customer has already decided to make the purchase. Allow your speech and actions to naturally reflect that a deal is on the table. If you begin to act in this manner, your customer may also begin to follow suit. You keep talking as if the deal is done, and in the end, the customer will either purchase the car from you or they will object to some stipulation of the contract. If they begin to object during the closing, you can counteract these objections.

Simply Ask Them to Purchase the Car

This is a very simple technique, but many car sales professionals that are not very experienced fail to ever ask their customers to buy the car. They will explain all of the features of the car, and talk extensively about how nice the car is, but they do not ask the customer to purchase the car. This is something that you must do continually during the closing, and if they object, you need to continue with another technique.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Anyone that has spent any time in the sales industry will tell you that it is very important that you try to sell when the customer is in front of you because someone that promises to come back seldom does. Most customers that you will encounter during your career as a car sales professional will tell you that they are either just looking or they are short on time. Your job as the sales professional is to make them buy the car whilst they are there. You can create urgency by telling them that a sale is about to end, or anything that will make them think they will be missing out if they do not buy NOW. Although you want to create a sense of urgency, you do not want to use high pressured tactics. This will only push them away.

Allow Them to Say Yes Easily

The best thing you can do whilst you are with a customer is to listen to them. If you listen closely enough, you will hear what they desire and need out of this car. Add this bit of information into your closing. Once you ask them about their needs in your closing, their answers will most likely be “yes!” This is when you will show them how you will be able to deliver those needs in one of the cars on your lot.