Third Party Insurance Is A Vital Coverage Offered By Car Insurance Policy

When driving car on the roads, you can never be sure about the hassles that might come upon you in the form of car damage, accidents, injury and so on. It is possible to get into traffic congested roads and bump against another car. Even a small accident can result in huge expenses because repair costs are on the rise. A car insurance policy will help reduce the loss by providing compensation. This is one of the many situations in which it comes to your aid and there are many more.

What Protection Do You Get From A Car Insurance Policy?
A basic car insurance policy will pay out if there is any damage to the vehicle in the event of an accident. If the car is damaged due to man-made or natural disasters, the policy will pay for losses. One of the critical areas where it comes to your aid is third party liability. If your car accidently happens to hit another vehicle or someones property, they can sue for damages. You can cope with liability expenses through compensation offered by the third party insurance coverage. It will help pay for damage caused to third party which can put a severe strain on your finances. In the event that you car collides with another vehicle which results in damage to that vehicle or injury to the driver, it can be used to meet expenses arising from the situation. In the event of a personal accident which causes loss of life or permanent disability to the driver it will pay out a lump sum.

Car insurance offers many add-ons that can be used to reduce expenses even further. These include on-road repair in event of minor breakdown, towing expenses, assistance for lock out or lost key, emergency fuel expenses and flat tyre change. You can also opt for benefits such as depreciation cover, invoice price cover, medical expenses, daily hospital cash and coverage for personal accident to fellow passengers. These additional benefits help bring down so many different types of losses, making them easier to bear.

Important points to note about car insurance
In the event that you sell your vehicle, existing insurance policy can be transferred to the new owner. You can also transfer it to the new car that you have purchased to replace the old one. Policy coverage is applicable only for a period of 12 months after which it has to be renewed. Policy renewal can be easily done online, which saves time and efforts. When you renew the policy without fail every year, your car will not be inspected. You can also avail the no claim bonus which gives a reduction on the premium cost. Premium costs will also be reduced if you have an ARAI approved anti-theft device installed in the car. Car insurance claim process is easy and can be completed online by filling the claims form and submitting it along with required supporting documents.