Three things to consider if you have a car accident in San Diego

People that have a car accident in San Diego may encounter circumstances that go beyond a mild fender bender. Many times people have a minor event that does not require too much beyond the exchange of information between the parties involved. At other times, things may happen that are more serious and may require the services of an attorney.

Is your insurance company treating you right?

Everyone has seen all the TV commercials that portray insurance companies as always helpful to clients. This is not necessarily true. Communications with an insurance company, even if it is one that you have worked with for years, can often be strained. If you are injured, need medical treatment, need therapy or have dissatisfaction with the way your claim in being handled in general, you may be getting stalled or the runaround from your insurance company.

Sometimes people are impressed with the speed that an adjuster comes out to try to settle the claim. This can be a mistake. People should never assume that the insurance company has their best interested in mind. People will want to know the full extent of injuries and damage before agreeing to sign anything. One of the best things that people can do in the case of severe injuries to consult with an injury attorney.

Do you feel comfortable with the settlement you are being offered?

Sometimes accidents cause long term injuries that require additional surgeries, rehabilitation or require that the person go on disability. If you have encountered this issue, you may not feel comfortable signing off on a claim. You may want to consult with another doctor or a specialist to find out about long-term effects of injuries sustained in an accident. It may be helpful to have an attorney arrange this for you or to negotiate with the insurance company if there is resistance to your obtaining other services.

Are you ready to go back to work?

If you have been hurt, it may take a long time to heal. Are you feeling pressure to return to work before you feel well enough to return? Is your employer making subtle or not so subtle hints that your job might be at risk if you don’t return soon? Do you think that there is a possibility you cannot perform the work you did previously?

If being injured wasn’t enough, people that are involved in accidents often have to worry about these other issues. Instead of worrying and sleepless nights, having an attorney sort out the issues may be a good idea.

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