Time Management with Eduardo Duluc

Eduardo Duluc often feels as though he is juggling a thousand responsibilities at once. Between running his multiple companies, keeping up with his philanthropic work, maintaining strong business relationships, making time for his fiance and children, and at some point carving out some space for himself, Eduardo Duluc’s schedule is always planned to the minute. Even if he had no need to sleep, he would still find himself with too much to do.

Many other people also often feel stressed about how to manage everything on their plate at once. It can quickly become overwhelming to see tasks and assignments pile up, and often that does not even include events occurring on the personal and social side of life.

Eduardo Duluc understands that feeling all too well. However, since he does not even have time to indulge it, he knows the importance of creating and maintaining successful time management habits in his life. Here are three of those habits that Eduardo Duluc feels have the potential to benefit others who also have busy schedules:
Be firm with your plans. Nothing gets more hectic than setting dates and times for ten events or appointments, and then finding you have to change them all. Make a good habit of sticking to a set date whenever possible (unless it is absolutely necessary to change it). Otherwise, there is no point in relying on your schedule at all. From that same perspective, Eduardo Duluc advises that you do not confirm a date until you are certain it will work for you.
Try to keep a balance. Eduardo Duluc knows that it can be tempting to spend your whole day working on a single project. That is all well and good – if you only have one project to work on. If you are like most of us, that is not the case. Do not devote too much time to one single thing – not only will you neglect other duties, but you will quickly become burned out.
Fun is important, too! Eduardo Duluc always makes certain to commit time to his family. Not only do they deserve equal portions of his time, being around them is a low stress environment, and helps to keep him sane during his professional pursuits. Eduardo Duluc encourages all those with busy schedules to follow these three tips, in addition to seeking out more help on their own. Managing a busy schedule can be very rewarding when done right – but a disaster if done poorly.