Tips And Tricks For Attracting Men

Attracting men is easy but many of the magazines make it sound like rocket science. Women do not have to spend thousands on name brand clothing, starve themselves half to death following the latest fad diet or special order pheromone perfumes to attract a little male attention. A little understanding of male psychology can have men eating out of a woman’s hand in no time flat.

Though most women today believe that men should lavish them with gifts, one of the simplest ways of attracting men requires a minor role reversal. Women can offer him food or bring him a drink. Her interest will be obvious when he sees how she singles him out with her attention. This only need be done once or twice to piqu his interest.

There is little most men find more attractive than women willing to listen to them talk. Engage him in conversation on a topic he is certain to be interested in. Allow him the opportunity to be the teacher. Ask questions where appropriate and maintain eye contact. Most importantly, act interested even when faking it. Men often use this strategy to attract women, but women can also use it for attracting men.

Men are attracted to curves but women are attracted to straight lines. The problem with ladies’ fashion is that the styles are often suited to the taste of the woman who buys the clothing, and not the men that women are trying to tempt. Women can instantly make themselves much more attractive to men by putting on an outfit that shows off their curves.

Women should be blunt about their interest in a man if all else fails to attract his attention. Some guys are just oblivious to flirting, no matter how obvious a woman’s advances may be. These men may never get around to asking a woman for a date. Women sometimes have to take matters into their own hands and be the one to do the asking. Some men, even those who may have expressed no particular interest before, may get really interested by a woman with a take charge attitude about dating.

If being blunt about her interest still fails to land a woman a date with her dream boat, there may be other underlying reasons for his disinterest. Perhaps he is already married or in a steady relationship. Maybe she just is not his type. At some point, she may have to simply accept that he is not interested and move on to greener pastures. Women who get too hung up on a single guy who is not responding to her advances can and frequently do miss out on opportunities with others.