Tips For Buying Car Camera Recorder In Singapore

Car cameras are the latest technology in auto accessories and many fleet owners are installing car surveillance camera system in their vehicles for various reasons. While most car manufacturers are rolling out new car models fitted with car cameras, old cars too can be easily fitted with a good surveillance system. If your car doesnt have this modern yet very useful technology, then get one from online stores. Online auto accessory stores offer a variety of car surveillance system for all types of vehicles. It is a great product for both individual car owners, taxi operators and fleet owners to help them protect against theft.

What Are The Different Ways To Use Car Cameras?

New cars that come fitted with cameras basically provide drivers rear view. This makes backing up and parking much easier and safe. However, car cameras can serve many other purposes than just providing rear view. Fleet owners can buy a good car camera recorder in Singapore and install it in their vehicles to record activities of drivers and passengers. These cameras are also capable of recording journeys and can provide evidence in the event of an accident or theft. Vehicles installed with car cameras reduce the risk of thefts and speed up legal formalities in the event of accidents.

Tips on How to Buy Car Cameras

Whether you travel in your car frequently or occasionally, a car camera can always come handy if your car is loaded with expensive gadgets and accessories or when you are left with no choice but to park your car in an unsafe place. Here are some tips to help you pick up a good car camera recorder in Singapore. Some of the features that you should look for in a car camera are; ability to record events from a distance of at least thirty to forty meters, cycled recording, auto record on engine start-up as an optional setting, LED night vision for recording night journeys, high speed recording, anti-shake features, quick light response, PC or Smartphone view, loop video storage, video analysis and GPS data recording.

Why You Should Shop For Car Cameras Online?

If you want to install a camera in your car, it is always better to buy from online companies that specialize in selling car surveillance camera system. They are the ones who can offer variety in terms of size, features and price. Taxi companies, light van drivers and HGV operators may need these products in bulk and direct online suppliers are capable of giving you good deals, discounts and on time delivery of your bulk orders.